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The show itself is relayed out across a SHOUTCast server. Our
afflilates then either rebroadcast the show to their listeners live,
or they rebroadcast it for another time. Or for rebroadcasting, they
may simply download the shows from our archives or PodCast directory.
Currently, there are about 4 years of weekly archived shows. What's
cool of course is that we haven't actively sought out syndicates. It's
either been word of mouth, or other show syndicates tuning in.

Live365 in a word sucks. Their fees are just too damn high for our
tastes, because of the amount of music that we broadcast, and our
political opinions about having to pay for broadcasting music, when
terrestrial radio stations are not required to. SHOUTCast offers a
great alternative. We used to use Live365 when we first started, but
later on gave up on it.

The equipment used varies. We used to use a simple microphone splitter
for ourselves, and a 400mhz G4 box with MacAmp to broadcast out.  We
then had a 2nd G3 box that would record into AIFF format, that we had
to convert over to MP3, before uploading to the archive server (which
is still located out in Iowa).

We moved up, and had an external mixing board with a volume master
control that really does go up to "11". So you know that it's louder!
:). Remote shows are done on powerbooks and are either recorded
directly to MP3, or can be broadcast back out via the Nicecast program
if we have access to a broadband connection. Otherwise, the studio
that we're in now uses traditional WinAmp.

And we've expanded into PodCasts as well. However, Apple seems to be
having some sort of difficulty reading the RSS feed for us. So we're
working on getting that intergrated into the iTunes database.

Internet-based radio is where it's going to be at in a few years.
Terrestrial radio is dying. Listenership has tumbled here in the Las
Vegas area as an example. People are just tired of listening to pop
music, and whatever else it is that programming directors want them to
hear. Stations with either nostalgic, or eclectic programming lists
are really pulling in the most listeners on FM. That and the majority
of the listening public is just tired of FCC/Moral Minority
censorship. It's understood that what a particular community holds as
it's standards is important to them. But it cannot be enforced all
over the country, and quite a few people are expressing their opinions
on this by abandoning this all together with Satellite radio.

"Internet Radio Receivers" are an up and comming internet applicance
that are being marketed to consumers. You just plug them into your
broadband connection, and your stereo, and you can recieve internet
radio shows without a PC. As a sign, allot of FM & AM broadcasters are
already switching over to deliver their shows via IP in addition to
traditional terrestrial. Just look @ SpikeTV Radio.


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