[DMCForum] Re: FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe
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[DMCForum] Re: FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> Your comment (Greg) was "You made the choice of your
> own vehicle and chose what you have."
> So, I am saying some people do not have the option of
> buying a H2 based on their finances.  So, because the
> do not that choice they cannot afford to be safe.

I'm gonna have to disagree with that. There are plenty of ghetto
Cadillacs, busted down, ratty Volvos, other late-model, yet safe cars
available out on the market within the reach of just about anyone, if
safety is THAT much of a concern.

The presumption that more expensive cars are always safer is just
that: only a presumption. And trust me, in an Eldo vs. H2 situation,
I'd rather be in the Eldo.

Now I'm not going to take sides, because I'm not in favor of the
abundance of SUVs either. I don't feel that the majority of owners out
there have the proper experience needed to safely operate their
vehicles around me. But I gotta say that I'm seeing quite a bit of
hyprocracy here in this debate:

The attitude of: "Let's punish people with money who afford these H2s,
because we can easily label them as decadent. However, let's turn a
blind eye to the poor of this country to drive around in decades old
land yachts that get worse gas milage, consume MORE fuel, and expel
MORE waste into the atmosphere." Because after all, criticizing the
poor for wanting the same luxuries is not a popular idea.

Just playing Devil's Advocate here by saying that you can't have it
both ways.


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