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[DMCForum] Re: FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> So, only those who can afford a monster truck deserve
> to be safe?

It's not always about being *safe* behind the wheel. Certainly that
does play a part in some people's buying decisions. So let me throw my
own perspective out here. And no, I'm not trying to earn beer from
anyone here. :p

Take a look at GM, and their car line up. Look at their advertising
campaigns, and their vehicle stylings. People are choosing SUVs not
because they want to be safe in collisions, they want to have the
availability to drive off-road, be safe on ice, or even because they
want to haul something. People who specificly tow, will most likely
buy a truck. Those with a large family will choose minivans.
Off-roaders and sports enthusists are going to go for 4WD proven
vehicles they can bang up. And people who want to be safe will choose
Volvos, and other cars with high-safety ratings. And in many cases,
it's certainly NOT status. So what is it about SUVs that are so appealing?

SUVs are the new muscle cars for this generation. Take a look at the
manufacturers out there. Other than crampt, higher-end sports cars, or
over luxurious old people cars, what the hell is out there that offers
a V8 engine, and the attitude and attractive styling that goes along
with it? SUVs of course!

SUVs are bad-ass looking vehicles. Where as the old-school muscle cars
has air dams, ram-air scoops, and big intimidating grills, so do
today's SUVs. And almost NONE of your production cars offer these same
styling cues, or even customization. Rather than big grilles, and
hoods with intakes, and menacing air damns, all you have for cars are
ugly-ass body kits. And body kits are pretty much just as hated,
because of the "ricer" stigma that is associated with them. But those
are pretty much you only options. Otherwise, it's tiny grills,
conservative hoods, and weakling powertrains that are detuned for
economy that are pretty much your only options for almost all cars now
days. But SUVs are mostly already tuned, and have ALL of those
old-school customization acessories available to them. People love
bad-ass brush gards & fog-lights. They make their SUVs look menacing.
What for cars could you even hope to get that looks that appealing?

Proof of this has been the Chrysler LX platform. This is what the 300,
the Magnum, the Charger, and the upcoming Challenger are all based on.
HUGE grille, massive wheel wells to acccomodate larger after market
wheels. Available V8 HEMI options, sporty and comfortable interior,
and LOTS of aftermarket styling and design options that don't require
a body kit. From the factory, the cars look VERY intimidating, and
still have lots of options available to owners. And just look how
popular the platform has been! People LOVE these cars! Hell, I do too!
Big V8, rear-wheel drive, with a large interior is what people want.
SUVs, and certain vehicles like the LX cars provide this, and attract
buyers. NOT economy-based, front-wheel drive, crampt interior cars.

And trying to convince people that they should be driving a small car
that just barely fits their needs, rather than an SUV because it's
"the right thing to do" is NOT the way to go. All you do is alienate
these people more. It's like radical Vegans that try to tell you mean
is murder, and you should feel guilty about eating it. It's the same
structured argument, which is why it's so rejected.

If you want people to trade in their SUVs for cars, deliver to them a
product they'd prefer to drive. It's that simple.

Now I know that I've thread-killed this topic, and it's a bit
long-winded. But just incase the point was still missed, let me throw
something else into the mix here to think about. On these same notes,
no one here needs a "FanZilla", a 3-core radiator, LED lamps, Toby
Tabs, or any other acessory for their DeLoreans that functions
differently than what the factory intended. After all, you don't
*need* any of those extras. But you like to have them none the less.
Sorta like the main argument I've heard here against many SUVs...


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