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The slave bleed screw is 8mm I believe. Been about 3 years since I
last did it.

I first did it with the assistance of my father hovering over the
engine, and we bled it like a set of brakes. Crack open, push down,
blow air/fluid out. Close, release pedal, repeat.

Then I would throroughly wash all the brake fluid off, and we would
be done.

If you want to avoid mess, and can get an 8mm (I believe) socket on
it by itself, you can slip a length of tube over the socket, down to
a bucket of sorts, then using aother wrench, open & close the
bleeder, and then there is no mess to worry about.

I'm just anal about clean engine compartments, but simple bleeding
followed by a good cleaning works fine.

I really think that bleeder is 8mm, but don't hold me to it.

-Joe O'Brien

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, mike clemens <rmclemns@xxxx> wrote:
> Group,
> Okay, no religion, no politics, but to quote Greg (of
> Tennessee fame) "Sex Are Good"!!.  Would you folks
> believe that after working on the Josh's car for many,
> many, many, many hours, I was able to talk him through
> the procedure for unsticking a clutch that was locked
> up, via the phone??  And the outcome, you all already
> know, his car is moving under it's power!!  :-)
> I was stumped yesterday, and had to leave with the car
> running, but not moving.  On my drive back, I realized
> that instead of a bad master cylinder on the clutch,
> the pressure plate might be stuck to the flywheel,
> just like several of my MG's.  I was on the phone with
> him when he got it to work, and I've got to say, "It
> was almost orgasmic", of course, when you're my age,
> it don't take a whole lot to be labeled "orgasmic"!!
> :-)   (I threw that in for Lauren)
> Guys & Gals,  you just don't know how great it is to
> see a 19 year old progress as much as Josh has.  He
> and I have had our ups and downs, but overall, he is
> learning about his car in leaps and bounds.  Shoot, he
> may even show up at 2006 driving his Delorean.  And if
> he does, Ya'll have got to promise me that he doesn't
> get into a confrontation with MLTAW.  He may be
> skinney, but he's mean as hell when pissed.
> Now, here's my question:  we tried to bleed the clutch
> according to the manual and getting to the slave
> cylinder is a real BIT-H, to say the least.  What is
> the size nut on the bleed screw, and are there any
> hints to open and close it easily??  We had to do
> everything by feel and I just want to be sure we were
> doing it correctly.  (Now I know why I like my
> automatic!!!!!)
> MIKE    TPS    1630
> --- Josh Porter <joshp1986@xxxx> wrote:
> > Today I drove my car down the driveway,excellent.
> > Yesturday Mike and I
> > worked on a multitude of things. Right now I can't
> > get ovetr that I
> > drove my car for the first time so I can't remember
> > anything. With
> > Mike's help I got the clutch working and saved alot
> > money on parts. We
> > saw more of my POs handy work, or the lack there of.
> > I will have to
> > take a picture of the rear tailight circuit board
> > when Mike brings it
> > back from repairing it. I know nothing about that
> > kind of stuff.
> >
> > I'll keep y'all posted on the progress. I can't
> > drive it on the road
> > until Mike gets back down. It's the unofficial rule
> > of mechanics, you
> > fix it, you drive it. Or at least get the first
> > ride.
> >
> > Josh
> > 10989 is opperational
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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