[DMCForum] nostalgic Delorean video (Long)
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[DMCForum] nostalgic Delorean video (Long)

Oh Gee!
You're not kidding VideoBob.

I found two DeLorean films from the 1980's that were  not released in this
country. One film from 1986 is a documentary film  that follows the book, Dream
Maker: The rise and fall of John Z.  DeLorean by Fallon & Strodes.It is a
British film, that was shot  in the USA.  The other film is based on the FBI
transcripts book, the  DeLorean Tapes.

WOW! Incredible details, excellent interviews, and footage.The film 
interviews people that were devastated (forced into bankruptcy)  by going into
business with John DeLorean and Roy Nesseth.

The DMC executives that were interviewed worked very hard building the 
factory and arranging the financing to build the factory & establish the  dealer
network, shipping, warrenty etc. Lotus engineers were responsible  for
construction & engineering of the DMC car. 

The DeLorean executives in charge of building the factory &  establishing the
dealer network were never thanked for working so hard or  devoting so much of
their own personal time into DMC according to the  film.  They went on to
say, that they had their lives & their  family's lives threatened by Delorean and

They said nothing nice about DeLorean's personal character as a friend, 
businessman, or co-worker.

Christina Ferrare/DeLorean was interviewed, and she claims to have  witnessed
DeLorean fabricate phoney documents and forge other people's  signatures on
DMC documents while married to him.

The jurors interviewed in the 1986 Detroit "GPD" Fraud trial all said that 
they misunderstood the Judges instructions, and during the deliberations they 
actually found JZD guilty on 9 out of 10 charges.

However, on one of the charges, they were hung and could not decide either 
way. According to the film, the jury misunderstood the Judges complicated 
instruction, so the jury thought that the entire ballot of all  charges had to be
a unanimous decision of either not guilty on all charges  or guilty on all

When they realized that they could not reach a unanimous decision on  one of
the charges, they thought that they had to acquit JZD on all  charges.

According to the film, DeLorean & Nesseth swindled an elderly, widow in  poor
health, out of millions of dollars, including her Malibu California beach 
house filled with objects d'Art. She was contacted by them as a savoir to her 
late husbands business...JZD  moved into that same house when she was  evicted.

An inventor & business man, Pete Avera, contacted GM about a coolant 
recovery system that he invented. DeLorean became involved, somehow thru GM and 
proceeded to get the ball rolling for Avera to market his invention to GM and  the
rest of the automotive world.  Every internal combustion vehicle made  has a
coolant recovery system...with the exception of air cooled engines such as 
older Porsche's and the 48 Tucker.

DeLorean told Avera that he had to assign the patent & the entire  rights of
ownership to DeLorean himself and not to General Motors. He told Avera  that
he was a Detroit insider and by assigning the patent over to DeLorean, the 
invention would not get lost in the red tape of GM and the rest of the car 
industry. DeLorean agreed to give Avera a certain amount of money when the 
invention was sold to the car industry.

DeLorean could have made hundreds of millions of dollars with that 
invention, however he didn't do anything with the  invention and the project fast
approached it's patent expiration  date. When Avera finally caught up with
DeLorean, six years later,  about the patent and why nothing was happening with the
invention.  According to the film,  Avera, said that DeLorean wanted $500,000 
to sell the patent back to Avera...when Avera gave DeLorean the invention in the
  first place.

In another scam, DeLorean sold an Idaho family a potato farm without 
actually owning the property.The Clark Higgly family was  interviewed in the film.
They took out a mortgage on the cattle, farm  equipment/machinery and the land,
and purchased the entire farm from the  owner John DeLorean...on paper.

When they moved on the farm, the State of Idaho, evicted them  for
trespassing. They did not have clear title to the land, or the cattle,  machinery &
equipment.  They had to file bankruptcy and lost  everything. 

The film continues with more stories and footage about DeLorean Motor Co  &
the factory and how DeLorean really wasn't interested in the DMC  car...he was
interested in building a DeLorean Motor Empire according to the  film.

This  video was only aired on BBC british television, it can not be played or

sold anywhere in the US because it is quite incriminating and if you are a 
blind follower of JZD it will make you quite angry, if you are failry open 
minded you will most likely believe what they say.
The thing that makes  it amazing is WHO is saying WHAT, no heresay, but from
the mouths
of  the people who were involved.
JZD took some secrets to the  grave.

intended  recipient of this document, you are notified that any review,
dissemination,  distribution or copying of this communication is prohibited.  If you have
received this communication in error, please notify me immediately by return
email, delete the electronic message and destroy any printed copies.  Thank 
you for your cooperation.

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