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Before I did the restoration on my car, my volts always read near 14 or so.  Then, afterwards, it was more towards the center line..sometimes below.  I didn't think anything of it.  After i fixed my electrical issue the other day (same positive line that you mentioned!!) my volts are back to where they belong.  And I swear i have better performance on the car now.


mike clemens <rmclemns@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Okay group----here's the latest on Josh's car.
Started working on it at 8:45 this morning and finally
stopped at about 6:30.

Replaced the number (7) fuse holder with an external
individual fuse holder.  Car would not crank, still
low voltage.

Jumped the battery directly to the engine block and
the positive pin on the right pontoon.  Car cranked
with no problem.  Disconnected the negative jumper and
car cranked fine.  Removed the positive jumper and
"again, nothing".

This told me the problem was in the positive cable and
after peeling back some old melted tape, found where
the PO had done a lousy repair on the fitting that
connected to the starter.

Fortunately, had a spare positve battery cable, so
took out old one and put in new one.  Of note, when
the old one was out, after measuring it, we determined
it was about 18" shorter than it was supposed to be.
PO had cut for some reason.

Now the car cranks like a champ, but we still don't
have fire.  That's cause the fuel pump is froze up.
Working on that now so we can get gas back to the
engine.  Of note here, the pump worked like a champ
when installed.  Josh, put aboujt 3 gallons of gas in
the tank from a cheapy gas station when he initially
tried to start it several months ago.  When we got the
pump out, I noticed "water" in my hand that had
drained out of the bottom of the pump while I was
holding it.  This told me that the gas must have be
bad, and he pumped some water into the pump and when
it quit, the water remained, rusting the inside of the
pump.  The car has never been out from under his
carport since he got it and the bonnet is always
closed, so the water had to be in the gas.

Next session we are going to sanitize the fuel tank
and then purge the entire system with good clean gas.
>From there, we'll see it fires and runs.

A special thanks to Lauren and Bob for their
suggestions on the electrical problem.  Josh and I
will undoubtly be back for more help in the weeks to
come.  With a bit of luck, maybe the next session will
see the engine running under it's own power. :-)

Mike and Josh

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