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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Buying different eggs

No <sigh> here lol  That was a WHAM!!!!  :)

Not that it matters any, but I missed a lot of the arguments back and forth,
but was Bob angry because he had some scripture in his cheap eggs?

Sorry Dave I owe you some royalties <sigh>

Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl
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Well you got to it before I did, Dave.  Bob, I seriously wonder if you are
so bored that you have to find stupid shit to bitch about.  If you really
hate those words on your eggs, buy them anyway so you can save money, eat
them, shit them out, and laugh while you flush the toilet.  I guess you
think you may get converted to some religion after eating holy eggs or

Speaking of saving money though, I remember a post you made back when we
were having the election screaming and yelling, I mean, debate.  You stated
only rich republicans could afford to take time off work to stand in line
for a few hours to vote as there were too many people voting.  Later you
mentioned being self employed, which blew that whole "I don't have time"
bullshit out of the water.

Now you are bitching about one dollar on a dozen eggs, and you are so broke
you are entitled to a reduction on your real estate taxes.  Don't you own a
few collectors cars?  I know you own the De Lorean, but don't you also have
a Pacer and a sixties-era Camaro, and whatever that Oldsmobile is that has a
super dooper airbag that was silenced by the evil Big Three?

Instead of abusing my tax dollars because you won't do anything different to
make more money, how about selling one of your cars?  By the way, you
brought one of those cars to Pigeon Forge, which did cost money to be away
from home for several days, but you still bitched about not being able to
take two hours off to vote.  How does that work in your head?

If you really are that broke, still have those collector cars, and can't
afford an extra dollar on eggs because you don't want to eat something that
praises a god you don't believe in, you shouldn't be attending any car
shows.  They cost money and only rich republicans can do that.  In fact, I
wonder what it would take to report you to some sort of tax abuse office
since you are taking that credit, but yet are able to travel for car shows
which means you are away from your self employed job.

Oh, and it does not and will not matter who holds the presidential office as
that will not make your life any better or worse.  YOU do that, but it
requires work to make it better which is way more difficult than bitching
about eggs.  Hell, I will bet Ryan will send you a dozen eggs.  I will, too,
if you pull your head out of your ass once in awhile.  You don't have to
leave it out, but just test the air every now and then and when you get
scared from learning how the real world really works just shove it right
back in there where you are safe and sound.


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Then you have the perfect opportunity!  Since there are so many people
who feel the same as you do, you could make millions with "Bob's
God-free Eggs".

I'll even buy the first dozen.  Use the profits to buy some
stress-relieving medications.  Or, just don't eat eggs.  If your
cholesterol is like mine, it's a good idea for both of us.  =)

If you financial situation isn't that solid right now, maybe your focus
should be on improving it, not on what some company wrote on the inside
of an egg carton.  In the bigger scheme of things it's really


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Buying different eggs

an interesting option.

Well, lets look at this alternative.    Since my income is so low that
I qualify for a reduction in my real estate taxes, I have to watch
every penny we spend.

Consequently, our family shops for groceries at a heavy discounter
know as Aldis.  They are even cheaper than Wal fart!


Now, I could go to Jewel and spend  $2.00 for eggs.   and waste $1.25
per week.  or $75 per year and  NOT TO GET PREACHED AT.   But that
would be stupid and irresponsible for my family.

Religious people have no right to slap a religious label on things I
buy.   You  can try to sell be stuff, but don't sell the crap that you
will get your reward in heaven- so go ahead and suffer on earth - it
will give you a higher place with god.

This is exactly the thinking of postponing the reward for hard work
until you are dead, that supports the exploitation of the masses.


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