Re: [DMCForum] Re: All people of faith are dumb, and so am I apparently.
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Re: [DMCForum] Re: All people of faith are dumb, and so am I apparently.

On 9/17/05, Bob Brandys <BobB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Flavia,
> You are right in point out that right wing religious people push their
> religious agenda.   They sign it on their emails like bragging
> look at me - I am a believer!!!
> The put stickers on their cars.  Ohh.   Look at me, I'm a fish!!!

It's not bragging, it's praising God, and publicly identifying one's
self as a Christian.

> Atheists don't do this. Either do most other religions.

No, atheists do the opposite; They force Christians to stop expressing
themselves through legislation and other means.

Let me ask you: When you see a bumper sticker about electing Bush, is
that forcing Bush down your throat? How about "This car stops for all
yard sales"? If I put that bumper sticker on my car, am I forcing yard
sales down your throat? No? Then how do you figure sticking a little
fish on the back of my car is forcing my religion down your throat?

Nobody is forcing anything on you. Your problem is you feel judged by
religion. If someone merely walks by with a cross around their neck it
makes you uncomfortable. This isn't normal, Bob. It's irrational,
bordering on delusional. I suggest you search your soul for the root
of this problem. I'm not telling you to go find God, because clearly
you don't believe in Him. I'm telling you to figure out why you can't
see a Christian symbol without getting all tense and irritated.

You know, I have a friend who is agnostic. He doesn't get irritated at
Christian symbols. He laughs at them, says they're silly and people
are dumb for believing in God, but he doesn't have the delusion that
Christians are somehow forcing it on him by expressing themselves.
When Christians approach him to ask if he needs saving, he tells them
"No thank you" and walks away, no different than he does for salesmen.

So, why can't you do the same?


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