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Re: [DMCForum] Radiation risk Yes? No?


On 9/17/05, Bob Brandys <BobB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The anti nuclear people claim the zero risk model is accurate and no
> exposure is best.

Do you realize that coal fired power plants release 10 times the
radioactivity as nuclear plants?

Average annual radioactivity release from a 1000MWe nuclear reactor in
the early 1990s: 4.8 person-rem/year
Average annual radioactivity release from a 1000MWe coal-fired plant
in the early 1990s: 490 person-rem/year

Below are some excerpts from an excellent post I found on another web site:

Take a Geiger Counter outside of a nuclear plant. Now take one outside
of a coal plant. Hmmm... Much higher readings outside of the coal
plant. What? Coal ore contains radioactive isotopes? Those isotopes
don't burn up like the coal around them? Coal ash has concentrated
radioactive material? The coal industry isn't as highly regulated as
the nuclear industry?

Health problems? Do a google search for black lung disease. Hell, do
some research on the total number of deaths from nuclear power
generation and coal/natural gas since nuclear power was introduced.
Nuclear engineers will normally receive more radiation from a single
round of CAT scans than from their entire career at the nuclear plant.

Chernobyl? You mean the substandard plant where operators
intentionally ignored warnings and pushed the envelope of safety much
too far? The final death count was less than four hundred. Yes, the
town of 75,000 had to be abandoned. This is an argument for not
intentionally doing stupid things with your power plant.

The worst U.S. nuclear disaster? 3-Mile Island? Go back and check your
history books. Look up the number of deaths. Zero. Look up the number
of injured. None.


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