[DMCForum] Re: Wow, good thing I *STILL* have not purchased BTTF on DVD.
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[DMCForum] Re: Wow, good thing I *STILL* have not purchased BTTF on DVD.

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Doc Hudkins <dochudkins@xxxx> wrote:
> I've heard nothing of this, but I'm not sure that I
> want to, since I've been annoyed since the very
> beginning at region-encoding. It was hard enough years
> ago trying to get my grubby little protruberances on
> "Doctor Who" VHS tapes since most were in PAL format.
> Then when DVD came out I thought "Ah ha! All digital!
> They'll work anywhere!" But nope, I must pay extra for
> "region-free" players, and always check the disc to
> see where it's "meant" to be played. (Or hack my
> DVD-ROM drive in my Frankenbox.)

LOL... You think region coding is a problem, wait until I turn this
discussion to CSS and the resulting implications worldwide. People
being arrested for the crime of watching movies they own on Linux;
retailers being sued for selling t-shirts with 7 lines of Perl code
written on them; web sites being forced by a judge to remove links to
the code. I kid you not!

Do you see this?


That bit of code is enough to put me in jail, if it weren't for the
fact that I removed a single character that will prevent it from
running. Wearing it on a shirt (free speech) could result in my
arrest. Giving it to others could result in a long term prison
sentence. Even linking to it - "Oh, here's the URL of a web site where
you can find the full version" - can result in a DMCA takedown of my
web site and a subsequent lawsuit that would bankrupt me.

What does it do? Why, it plays a DVD! Yep, that's it. Every DVD player
has similar (though more efficient) code built right in. But you see,
I don't have the right to play DVDs that I legally own using such code
because I don't pay $millions$ in fees to the industry like the
manufacturers of DVD players do.

And you thought America was a nice country, with freedoms granted to
all? LOL... things are going downhill at a rapid pace. Thank you, Big


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