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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Bush (Vote for handouts/tax breaks)

A Primer on the last 20 years of the US Economy:

President Reagan did what a Democrat President before him did. JFK cut taxes
saying it was the best way to stimulate growth and spur the economy. Taxes
were cut but he had to deal with a Democrat House and Senate and with the
increased revenues from the tax cuts they drooled with excitement and did
what they do best...SPEND, SPEND, SPEND. They succeeded in keeping the
deficits growing all the while blaming the White House as they porked up
every bill he wanted to pass with millions and millions of unneeded
spending. Once he even threw the budget down in disgust and said, ? You
expect me to sign this crap?? Ultimately, he had no choice. He wanted to
rebuild the military and in Washington you play the ?Potomac Two-Step?. He
got his military spending and they got to rob the American taxpayer with
wild abandon.

     What drove the Democrats crazy was this. No matter how much they matter how many lies they came up matter how much
they spent...they could not get the American people to blame Ronald Reagan.
They LOVED him and there was nothing the liberals could do but throw things
and foam at the mouth for 8 years. And spend of course.

     Enter George H. Walker Bush. I love number 41, but he is no Reagan. The
Democratic Congress got the better of him. He didn?t use Ronnie's trick of
going to the people with the nonsense they were pulling. He tended to be
more introverted and worked behind the scenes thinking he could actually
trust those people. ?We need a tax hike, other way to stop the
deficits, George...gotta have it.? they told him. But he had promised, in
his now famous speech..."Read my lips, no new taxes." He did not want to go
back on that. But, he thought, if every penny of the tax hike goes to
reducing the deficits and is not spent on new entitlements (another name for
Democratic vote buying) the people will understand. So he agreed to the tax
hike, IF the Democratic Congress promised they would not spend it. ?Of
course we won?t George. We will put every penny towards the deficit.? They
said, giggling at his naiveté. And so George H. Walker Bush signed his own
political death warrant and allowed Congress to raise taxes. I would like to
point out to the truly stupid...only congress CAN raise taxes...the
President has no power to do so.

The ink was not dry before they were wildly spending, buying more votes,
loading bills with pork and filming ads about how George couldn?t be
did what they do best...they lied. It was a planned pre-election strike to
regain the White House and it worked like a charm. Little did they know what
they were getting in return. Bill Clinton. He proved to be their undoing.

     William Jefferson Clinton swept into office cracking jokes about how
just electing him, not even swearing him in yet, had reversed the economy.
This was an inside joke for the wildly liberal Washington press who openly
admitted 89% of them voted for him. They had assisted in his election by not
reporting that the economy had actually been on the upswing for the entire
last year of GHWB administration. They didn?t want the American people to
know that the 8 years of Reagan and 4 years of Bush, the economy had finally
reversed itself. They kept that a secret until AFTER the election. Then
Bill, with his enormous ego in full swing, took full credit for it.

     A foolish and ignorant American public bought it...for the most
part...but the first thing Bill did was raise taxes on Social Security
checks. Do you elderly know that? Al gleefully started working on ways to
add taxes to our phone bills, which he eventually did and they are still
there. The unelected co-president, Hillary, screwed up our medical system
and Bill had other problems he was having trouble dealing with...who knew
this job would be so hard!

Then some rumblings of scandals started./.Bill raised taxes./.again./.and
people were getting a little nervous. The only thing that saved the economic
situation that was handed to Bill Clinton in 1992 was, that in 1994, the
people shocked the Congress (and the press) by removing the Democrats from
40 years of power. Stunned talking heads on the major networks were
speechless...those that could find their voices called it a ?disaster.?
Gosh, not very journalistic of them if you ask me. They still insist they
are not liberal...get real guys, you showed your true colors that night. The
Democrats could not believe what had happened to them. Not in power? How
could that be? Who is responsible for this?

     A rattled Clinton didn?t know what to think. Didn?t the people LIKE
him? That was the most important thing for him. He must be LIKED. He was
already nervous about his re-election in two years. That was paramount. He
had to stay in office, no matter what. Re-election is all he thought about,
his entire administration was one big campaign.

The Republicans didn?t quite know what to do with their new found power.
They hadn?t had it in 40 years and though they did get many good things
done, they did not leave an overall good impression on the public. They
didn?t know how to fight fight the constant onslaught of demagogy
from the other side of the aisle. But the things they did get done, saved
the economy for Bill Clinton. They forced him at gunpoint to balance the
budget. They forced him, after two veto?s, to sign the Welfare Reform Act.
He said they made changes that he could accept, which was a lie. It was the
exact bill, to the last comma, as the first two. But Bill knew very few
would even check. But his liberal friends were furious with him. How could
he endanger their base like that?? The very core of their votes...the
welfare rolls. But Bill lived and died by the polls. He didn?t care on way
or the other about THEIR chances. The polls told him the American people
wanted him to sign it, so sign it he did. Screw the party. The only
important thing to him was his own survival and it wasn?t looking good for

     So, after 1994, Bill Clinton and the Democrats didn?t get the
opportunity to mess up the economy with their wild spending. The scandals
kept piling up and I think, down deep, the Democrats were spitting on the
day Bill Clinton took office. They blamed him for their losing power and now
he was a big embarrassment that they had to expend tremendous energy on just
to keep him in office and save face.

     Not being one to ever be honest, Bill continued to take full credit for
the booming economy. There are still the ignorant and the uninformed that
believe that. But it was, by almost all economic experts opinions, that it
was Reagan, Bush and the 1994 Congress take over that gave Bill and the
American people those 8 years of the good life. But all good things must end
and in the last year of Clintons? reign, the economy started to cool. He
tried to keep it a secret and the press assisted him...again, but now it?s
coming out and it is being reported.

     And so a recession officially hit in March of this year. Bill must be
grinning from ear to ear...that it didn?t go all the way back to when he was
still in office. Of course, anyone with a brain knows that something the
size of the American economy doesn?t change at a minutes notice. It is like
a freight train at 80 mph trying to stop. Just as it took 11 years to turn
around the economy after Carter, it took 8 years to start slowing.

     GW Bush did what those before him did to prevent a recession. He
lowered taxes. It was working to until September 11 changed everything. He
didn?t have the time to rebuild the military that is always in dire need
after a Democrat president. He didn?t have much time to do anything. He had
big plans, but most will have to wait now.

     Which brings us back to the topic at hand. I saw Dick Morris on TV
tonight. Remember him? He was Bill Clintons top advisor until he got caught
sucking his girlfriends toes. Considering all of Bill?s sins, Morris doesn?t
seem so bad. But I digress. Dick said that the democrats are now doing what
they do best...... Twist the facts. They are, he said, in short, starting
the same campaign on GW that they did on his father. It?s the economy,
stupid. No matter that we are at matter that they are flat out
lying about why the economy is not turning around. What do they care? They
want their POWER back and the country be damned. To sum it up, that is
Morris said tonight. They know it isn?t the tax cut that is causing the
problem. They know it?s their overwhelming and uncontrollable desire to
SPEND that is hurting the economy.

     They are adding such things as THEIR annual raise on the Homeland
Safety tab. They are adding ?Bison Meat Processing? on that as well. Neither
have a damn thing to do with Homeland safety, but hey, who cares. Anything
they can do to jack up SPENDING and they are happy. They want to SPEND AND
SPEND AND SPEND. They want to make it look like they are spending to keep
the country safe while spending on their pork barrel projects. Then they
will point their bony fingers at GW and say ?HE did it!? They actually said,
"We have to spend to turn the economy around." NO, they do NOT. It is we,
the consumers that have to spend, but we have to HAVE money spend to do
that. We can't do that if the Government keeps taking it from us to spend on
their little pet projects. It is the Private Sector that has to spend, to
build, to hire more employees and to do that, they have to have capital. The
rich are not evil...they HIRE people!

The lies worked with his dad, number 41, but I don?t think that will work
with this Bush. He has a touch of Reagan in him and he is meeting them face
on. He has gone to the people as Reagan did and I can only hope he keeps
doing that. He is turning it back on them and they look like fools It will
be his only hope against these vicious people who not only WANT a recession
but will do everything in their power to see we have a long one. One that
lasts until...say 2004? They would probably even drive us into a depression
if they thought it might put them back in power. They don?t give one hoot
about the country, the people OR the economy...they care only about
themselves and their power.

     I have no idea what the liberal talking heads on the major networks are
saying...I don?t watch them anymore...or CNN. They are so far left you can?t
get the truth from them. They are just the mouthpiece of the Democrat party
these days. But for the Democrats to say this is GW Bush?s recession is just
a first step in their campaign of ?cause the problems and blame it on the
other party.? It worked before, they hope it will work again. My gut feeling
is it is going to blow up in their faces this time.

     Times are different and maybe people are paying more attention now...I
don?t know the exact reason, but it just feels different. This Bush is not
his father and he is more politically in tune with the tricks they pull and
how to counter them. He is making them look petty and partisan, which of
course, is what they are. The elections in 2002 will tell the tale. The
stimulus package is being held hostage in the Senate by the Democrats and if
they don?t do something soon, they will pay dearly. They want to load it up
with spending that is not for anything more than their buying.
That and trying to drive the economy down in the hopes it will be their
ticket back to power.

     I find it disgusting that they would play with American lives and
families and their futures for their own advancement. When you have a
Democratic Strategist tell you that the democrats KNOW their package is bad
for the country and don?t care, you have to take notice. When he tells you
the Republican plan is the better of the two for the country you can see,
plain as day, which party has the country at heart. It?s simple: Democrats:
Party and power first. Republicans: Country first.

     I can only hope that GW is as up to the job of going to war with the
Democrats as he has been with the terrorists. In both cases, our future is
at stake. It?s just a shame that liberals always put themselves before the
people. It should be a crime...called treason.


     Just as I finished writing this I found an article about a book that
will be coming out soon. It is set for a January release. Title: ? BIAS: A
CBS Insider exposes how the Media distorts the Truth?. 28 year news veteran
Bernard Goldberg is enraging the liberal media with his book. Dan Rather is
described as being in a state of ?fury? at Goldberg?s book. One NBC News
executive called him a ?g...damn traitor.? A choreographed movement is
already in motion to try and discredit the author and his book.. While I
look forward to the book, many American?s figured that out some time
ago...that?s why most news outlets are now losing to the Fox News network.

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Do you really believe that the economy reacts that quickly to a
different president?   Bush 1 was still dealing with the effects of
carter, Clinton was along for the ride and didn't do squat, now jr might
have caused some problems for someone down the road but is basically
trying to fix what Clinton decided just to ignore.


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