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[DMCForum] Incredible

Ok, to say the least right now, I am jumping up and
down out of pure excitement.  It's 3:29 am as I write
this.  As some of you know, I have put 5 digit repairs
into 3299.  Everything from the tranny to the engine
has been rebuilt - here is a quick small list of
things I can remember I've done so far:

1. Replaced oil filter
2. Air filter
3. Fuel filter
4. Auto tranny filter
5. Rotor cap
6. Rotor distributor
7. Spark plugs
8. Spark plug wires
9. Coil wire
10. Ignition wires
11. Alternator belt
12. A/C belt
13. Valve covers
14. Oxygen sensor
15. Control pressure regulator
16. Frequency valve w/ss line
17. Spinners are off tires
18. Tranny completely rebuilt - specifically 1st gear,
computer governor, torque converter, and vacuum
19. Rewired the otterstat
20. Fixed the brown starter wires
21. Cleaned numerous grounds
22. Rewired the wiring around the microswitch
23. Cleaned microswitch
24. Added the SS coolant bottle with new radiator cap
25. Fixed the idle control motor
26. Replaced the battery with new MATCHING battery
27. Fixed numerous, pathetic attempts at wiring in the
electrical system
28. Added a self-bleeding kit to the cooling system
29. Replaced the shifter cable
30. Had numerous sets of keys made and tumblers
31. New Alternator
32. FanZilla
33. New transmission mounts
34. Fixed my turn signals
36. Replaced all the fuses
37. New front rotors
38. New brake pads on front rotors
39. Added a "lifetime" air filter
40. Replaced the air hose directly underneath the
coolant bottle
41. Replaced some of the hosing on the coolant pipes
42. New oil pressure sending unit
43. Got my cargo net up in the storage area.
44. Replaced the fuel pump
45. Installed a fuel baffle kit
46. Replaced thermotime switch
47. Replaced otterstat
48. Rerouted the otterstat wiring away from the
catalytic converter (the wiring had begun to fuse);
the wires were also carefully cleaned and repaired
49. Cleaned/tightened the ignition wiring (blue and
white ones, didn't touch the red one)
50. Modified the CO adj. screw - got the car idling
VERY well
51. Took out and cleaned my fuel injectors
52. Replaced spark plug wires
53. Gave the intake manifold and the
valves a thorough cleansing/paint job
54. Replaced all 10 coolant hoses
55. Replaced all heater hoses
56. Installed 13 stainless steel fuel lines
57. Installed new heater control valve
58. Replaced or inspecting all vacuum hoses
59. Installed a brand new water pump with all new
hoses, O-rings, water hoses, and clamps
60. Installed a new rack and pinion
61. New adapter cup
62. Lubricated the angle drive (make spedometer work
63. New fuel pump cover
64. Installed new front wheel bearings
65. New fuel pump
66. Replaced all relays and circuit breakers -
completely clean every single relay connection.
67. Cleaned out, washed, rinsed, and vacuumed the
entire battery compartment
68. New ignition coil
69. New front (and about to be rear) tires
70. Flushed coolant and brake system
71. Fixed my weatherstripping in my trunk compartment
72. New fuel sending unit

So after all of this (up to now - still have new
radiator to install, repair fan motors, repair females
connections in electrical system, new rear tires,
brand new starter and starter solenoid, and new brake
master cylinder all before PF), I was to say the
least, a bit disgruntled when my car would crank to
life, then suddenly die.  For a month now, this
problem has plagued me.  Then this morning, I was
reading the back issues I have printed out, and I
found a little article from Sean Mullally back on
March 10, 1998 - and this is how it went:

"Ok, here's my problem. When I start my D after it has
been sitting for at least a day, it will start, but
will stall immediatly. On the second or third try, if
I give it alot of gas for a few seconds after starting
it will be ok. It will idle fine after that and
restart perfectly after being shut off. Has anyone had
simpilar symptoms, or know what the problem might be?"

Well, Bruce Benson followed up with the idea of it
being a bad thermotime switch, and how to jump it to
see if this was the case.  Now, considering I just
bought this back in 01/04 from a reputable vendor, I
felt this was far-fetched, but I figured "Why not? The
problems Sean described are absolutely identical to
mine, why not give it a try?"  I followed the
procedure, and around 3:20am I fired the car without
giving it any gas or anything.  It fired right up
first try - perfectly.  My four month old thermotime
switch is bad.  I find that - to say the least - a bit
hard to believe and a little discouraging.
Nevertheless - to see my car fire right to life, first
try, no need for gas - just prefect fire and idle - oh

The point: DON'T neglect the backissues.  They are
quite the tomb of knowledge.  I have the defective
thermotime switch to prove it =P.

#Completely-made-over-you'll-never-recognize-from-the-original-pictures-from-11/11/03 03299

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