Re: [DMCForum] Re: Continued Series 038 CPR Versus Series 066 CPR
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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Continued Series 038 CPR Versus Series 066 CPR

> Series 038 CPR takes *MUCH* longer to warm up than Series 066,
> somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 degrees versus little over 100.
> Allows you to run rich more than 50% longer.

...and this is good because...

> Re: fuel starvation -- I'm talking about 1% CO2, not final control
> pressure (is the same between two CPR's BTW). That's why 066 series
> needs greater enrichment at vacuum drop: fuel mixture is too lean to
> begin with.

Firstly, the gas being measured by the lambda sensor is OXYGEN, and the
resultant mixture is measured around 1% CO - CARBON MONOXIDE, not CO2.
The DeLorean engine needs a greater warm up enrichment because of the
lambda system not being operational when cold.... it's not "too lean to
begin with".

> The crime Lambda and 066 CPR are partners in is US Government mandates.
> Both appeared at same time (1979-80). Previous F Series imports (B27F)
> were non-Lambda with CPR's virtually identical to Series 038. I never
> meant to imply the CPR and frequency valve work together (duh).

I didn't suggest you did. But I still don't see your point (if there is
one). Mixture control isn't a crime - it's just a different approach
that give other beenfits at the cost of a little loss in power.

> I disagree with your contention that a lean burn extends engine life.
> Lean mixtures burn much hotter than rich ones. Increase overall engine
> temp dramatically.

Um, the engine will only run hotter if the cooling system can't cope.
Otherwise it'll run at exactly the same temp. It may take a different
amount of time to *reach* that temp though, but it's not "bad" for the

Considering our little engines are not only made
> almost exclusively of aluminum, but are basically glued together (more
> gaskets than a traditional block, and whose idea were all the silly O
> rings), this is not good.

No, this is simply different to your great big lumps of cast iron....
which are only really seen today in diesels. And while we're on the
subject of heat, aluminium is a much more efficient conductor of heat
than just about anything else except copper and gold, if I remember
correctly. For keeping control of engine temp, this is a very good thing.

> Point of order: "backfires" occur through the intake (ever see flames
> shoot out of a carburetor?). I think you're talking about exhaust
> explosions/muffler farts/tailpipe pops/etc,

No I'm not. I'm talking about backfiring.

which usually aren't a
> problem once you get rid of catalytic converters (ever felt how much
> cooler the exhaust stream is from a non-converter equipped engine?).

Well, duh, yes. Of course. The cat works by heating the gases passing
through it.

> Is our tractor pull still scheduled for Pigeon Forge? If my PRV carb
> conversion isn't ready in time I'm going in one of the Lincolns...

I'm not going, and if I were, I wouldn't be able to fit a Landrover
Defender TDi (with close ratio box) in my luggage.


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