[DMCForum] Re: Fuel system updates - help!! long long long...
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[DMCForum] Re: Fuel system updates - help!! long long long...

Thanks for all the advice.  I think I'm gong to go with buying new
rubber parts and the pump.  I'll try and retain the old system which
seems to be a sound design.

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "thebrave65" <johnnysher1@xxxx>
> Don't beat yourself too bad.  You're going the extra mile to find
> what's going on yourself and that speaks volumes. 
> As for cleaning your tank, I am a voice of expierence.  Frankly,
> really sucks.  Pump out the remaning fuel and get an entire roll
> paper towels.  Put some chemical gloves on, stick your arm in the
> tank and start cleaning up.  When they go in white and come out
> white, you're done.  Make sure to count the paper towels going in
> coming out.  You don't want to leave any in there.
> The baffle needs to be buckled a little bit to remove it.  John
> Hervey's is the same way.
> Personally, I've been using my original baffle with no issues. 
> others in my local club have SpecialT's in there's and they have
> issues either.  If you feel you don't need to spend the money
> you inspect the original baffle, then you will probably be just
> Johnny
> 5518
> > Okay - an update on the fuel system inspection...
> >
> > I removed the lines and pump assembly.  The hoses need replacing
> > although they are not shot yet.  I found traces of dirt and gunk
> > the tank as well as on the filter screen.  I'm thinking that the
> > pump did indeed get dirt in it.  the filter screen had a small
> > in it indicating that it might have let larger pieces of dirt
> > through.  All the parts seem in decent shape for the age and
> > the car had but I think I may want to replace most hoses and
> > parts.  A slightly stupid thing I found was that the tank had
> > little gas in it.  I find that hard to believe becasue I topped
> > the tank about 80 miles before this happened.  I'm hopping that
> > pump didn't shut off prematurely and most of this was caused by
> > running out of gas!!!!  My float is not working so this may be a
> > realistic cause.  So I'm feeling a bit stupid about that.
> >
> > Regardless... the system does look like it needs some work so
> > nothing lost with this.  Big quesiton though - The original
> > setup looks to be in decent condition (besides problems I
> > mentioned) and I was going to try and preserve the original
> > configuration. But, how would one go about taking the damn thing
> out
> > for cleaing, repair, etc??  the 'cup' doesn't fit through the
> hole. 
> > In a case that I do go for the SpecialT update kit one would
> to
> > get htis out right?  This is probably sounding very stupid to
> > of you but I had to ask.
> >
> > Next question - can I clean out the tank from any dirt with a
> or
> > somehting?  And once again, trying to preserve the original
> > can I still get the cheaper SPeacialTAuto 957 pump and install
> in
> > the original components?  Or should I just forgo the whole
> > deal and get the SpecialTAuto baffle kit for ease of install? 
> > houston's setup equally good or better at a few buck more?
> >
> > thanks!!

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