[DMCForum] New owner seeking parts & advice
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[DMCForum] New owner seeking parts & advice

Hello folks,

My DeLorean is back home! '81 #5447. Made the 15+ hour drive from
Sacramento with no problems. Well, except for the existing problems,
which I now need to fix. If anyone can give me advice on one or more
of these issues, I would greatly appreciate it. On some of these I've
already found a lot of articles and am pouring through them, but
additional advice or links to articles would be greatly appreciated.

1. The "fan fail" light comes on when the temp approaches 220. Car
hasn't gone above 220 yet even when sitting in McDonalds drive through
for 15 minutes but I still want to fix this right away.

2. The A/C doesn't blow cold air. I think the compressor is coming on
- not 100% positive. The air does begin blowing pretty good once I
flip it to max, it's just not cold. May just need a recharge. Any
advice in troubleshooting this would be great. At the least I'd like
to make sure everything is working well, so when I take it in for a
recharge they can check for leaks & charge it and I can be on my way.
I certainly don't want Joe's Random Garage running troubleshooting on
this car.

3. No heater. Doesn't work at all. Somewhat lower priority right now.

4. I've got the "clutch fluid leaking under the carpet on the driver's
side" problem. Previous owner did say he had to top it off every few
months so I think it's a minor leak. I remember reading an article
about this and will have to go dig it up. Any advice? Also advice on
getting the carpet up without harming it (does it just pull up?) would
be great.

5. The car has a hot start problem of some sort. It seems very minor;
if I work the gas pedal a bit I can get her going. Sometimes I have to
hold the gas all the way in. I've always been able to get it started
with a few tries, but it's annoying and embarassing. When she does
start, the engine sometimes takes a bit to really get going. I don't
know how to explain it other than it seems like the RPMs are
abnormally low, and it shakes the whole car. Old cars used to do
something similar to this after you turned them off (they didn't want
to shut down all the way). So it's like that, only it happens right
when I start it if the engine is hot. When cold she fires right up
without a problem.

6. There's a fuel problem. When the tank gets below ~1/2 and I make a
right turn, she loses power instantly. The effect is similar to when
someone first learns to drive a clutch and lets it out with low RPMs.
The engine doesn't die but it pulls hard, then releases, then pulls
hard, then releases. Only happens for a second then once I get
straightened out things are fine. If I take the turn very, very
slowly, it won't do it. If the tank is above 1/2 it never does it.

Now for the minor stuff:

7. The two plungers that detect if the driver's door is closed are
missing. Where can I buy replacements?

8. The front struts that lift the hood are shot. Where can I buy

9. The rear struts that lift the louvers are missing. Where can I buy

10. The interior light doesn't work. For that matter, how do I turn it
on? Maybe it does work and I just don't know it. Or maybe it just
needs a new bulb.

11. Headliner is sagging in the center & rear. Previous owner replaced
left & right sides and they look great.

12. Power antenna is broken.

13. Mode switch is leaking. I am rebuilding it now from an article I

THANK YOU for any advice you can give me on one or more of these issues!


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