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I have a Thermal Arc GTSW 250. A Dynasty DX? Geez, that's a heck of a
nice machine for a guy who isn't a pro or welds for a living. It's
serious overkill for someone at your stage of learning but you
couldn't ask for a better machine to own. I'd love to have one. Learn
to use the pulse and variable frequency features and you'll be able
to do some nice work with it.

Since you have such a capable machine I suggest you study up on GTAW
fundementals. Miller has an excellent book on the subject. You want
to understand wave balance and how it affects cleaning and
penetration. Get a good torch and use a gas lens to keep your Ar
consupmtion down.

Use Lanthaned electrodes for most work. You can stay with the old
standby thoriated but you know they're radioactive right? Be careful
not to breath the dust when grinding them. And get a second hose to
back purge things when you need to. (Use aluminum foil for
backpurging if it's not pipe or tubing you're welding and always
backpuge SS. Cleanilness and details matter in Tig, it's why they use
it for high zoot work like x-ray quality for nuclear and and
aerospace. It's a great process, I used it to solve the inherent
failure mode of the blue fan fail module. (My D still has one and I
trust it completely.)

Get proficent on steel first before you try aluminum. AL can be
tricky because it doesn't turn color like steel, it just suddenly
turns into a mirror and drops through. If your not careful you'll be
picking your Al up off the floor. It also sucks up heat so you need
to back off on the pedal as you go along. The nice thing is you can
watch the the electrode distance in the "mirror". (No matter what
you're welding always watch the puddle, not the arc or electrode tip.)

Learn about metallurgy, metal classifications, and heat treatment,
you can't be a good weldor without knowing these side lines. And
practice, practice, practice! With a nice machine like that it would
be a shame not to become good. Remember, there is a lot to know about
everything technical and the level you learn and understand it to is
what will make very good at the task. Knowleadge is power.

As nice as GTAW is there are some things you can't do with it and
some alloys that are just unweldable. 2024 aircraft alloy comes to
mind, too much copper content. Its why you need to know metal
classifications, you must know what you're arcin and sparkin on if
you want a good weld. Not to mention it helps in selecting the filler

Sorry for the length but there is a lot to know about this.

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