Re: [DMCForum] Slightly OT - DUMP VALVES
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Re: [DMCForum] Slightly OT - DUMP VALVES

Hi Marc

The wastegate is an integral part of _any_ turbo. The IHI RB52, for
example, has a seperate wastegate that bypasses into the exhaust. The
Garrett AiResearch T3 on my Renault engine has an integrated wastegate
that's part of the exhaust turbine housing.

A dump valve is also called a "blow-off valve" - apparently this is what
it's commonly called in the US. The Island kit can't make use of a dump
valve becuase the turbos are downstream of the throttles, but the Legend
engine could make do with one (or two).

I will chalenge you to a blind test, in studio conditions, between a set
of quality speakers wired with monster cable, and the same setup using
household 30A solid core cable (such as you have on an electric oven).
And don't get me started on "directional" speaker cables. I'll say it
this once: there is no such thing, nor can there ever be by the very
nature of how power is transferred to a speaker


Marc Levy wrote:

>I read your post twice, and I still am not sure I know
>what your talking about..  Maybe it is the terms you
>are using that I may not be familiar with?
>Most of the turbo systems I have seen use a "waste
>gate".  As I understand it, The waste gate controls
>the flow of exhaust gas between the turbo fan and a
>bypass pipe (a pipe that lets the exhaust bypass the
>turbo).  The boost (pressure) on the exit of the turbo
>(going to the intake) controls the position of the
>waste gate.  By adjusting the mechanical linkage from
>the diaphram to the waste gate, you essentialy set at
>what level of boost pressure the gate opens.  When the
>gate opens, the additional exhaust gas is "wasted",
>and will bypass the turbo.  The end result is the
>turbo will not spin any faster.
>Modern systems use an electronic control with a
>variable (computer controled) waste gate.  This allows
>you to regulate the boost based on other engine data.
>BTW, those expensive "monster cables" *DO* make a



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