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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Still "Lievy-ing" around?

In a message dated 03/27/2004 3:53:16 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Delorean00570@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

  <posted here as the DML is ONE SIDED and Deletes all my replies to
<Defend myself. It just shows how people FEAR the truth.

<Why  you lieing sack of S--t,

It takes one to know one Claude...

<if he wanted it he should have taken
<it,again another of your web of lies,this is outside,how could it be

The underbody was covered under show & ice. In addition, the access to the
underbody was terrible. You should have been honest and made everything
accessible. Your Ebay auctions prove that you were hiding parts and deceitful.

<As stated in the Auction REMOVED in 1984,that tells you
<right away that I am not claiming it as "new" this is something that
<Rob did not want to bother with.I tell you what if HE wants it so bad
<then come up and get it.(if i get a bid then  sorry your time ran
<out  (if any)I never said I was going to be his slave,and remove
<things for him.

None of us were Rob's slaves. Slavery was abolished a long time ago. We
volunteered to help...that's what friends are for. You will never be a friend to
anyone else in the DeLorean my opinion.

One of us asked for your help to load some boxes of parts into David's
trailer.  You opened up a box, took one part out and handed over one part...that was
pathetic. Pathetic, just like your workmanship on the cars.

<One of your lies, Again you want it come up and get
<it otherwise stop your web of lies. Anything left behind,by law is
<considered abondoned and not wanted,what the F--k you really think my
<home is your dumping ground,

We don't think that your home is a dumping ground.  However, It certainly
looks like a dumping ground, long before we came my opinion.

<of all the nerve,strip it,then leave it
<up to me to dispose,the orignal intentsion was you people were
<supposed to take ALL ALL and ALL reguardless of condition!!,and NOT
<pick and choose,once you started with the pick and choose,that meant
<anything Left behind was abondoned,

Again we asked for your permission & you granted us permission.

<Now that you see people want these
<items "now you want them" hey you can't have it both for the
<radiator ROB himself handed me that radiator,and said,he didn't want
<it....5 people and could not get to it give me a brake!!

Claude, do you have spell check on your computer?

<Nobody said to get here so late in the morning,

You weren't prepared for us to begin with. The first project of the day was
to move the mountains of garbage out of the way, before we could begin working
on the parts.

<Never again will I ever
<ever,trust "Strangers" coming to my house and taking over,I put my
<full trust in you people and you people walked all over me,

I do not recall any of us walking all over you.  We treated you well that
day. I recall the four of us (Rob, David, Marc and I) buying you lunch and
offering to buy you dinner.  We were generous & kind to you, after you showed us how
uncooperative you are, how rude you were, and how much your body odor made me
want to vomit. You mistreated us!

<like it was your personal dumping ground.It just shows over and over how you
<people love to lie,with you web of lies.

You disclaimer on Ebay proves that you were lying to all of us.

<If I really wanted to hide
<things as you claim---would I not have hidden that Loose PERFECT
<drivers side fender,or the Torsion bars(3),those were items of very
<high value,

There was one new DeLorean part in the entire inventory.

<and about a millon other items

There certinally was "a million other items" most of it was garbage. There
certainly wasn't a million DeLorean parts as you claimed. BTW, Million not

<of high value---no I left
everything in its place so that they were "untouched".It is quite
ovious who likes to start Trouble,I only come on to Defend my good
name from your slander,

You have spread slander & injurious comments about us. Do you know the
difference between a fact and opinion?

Fact: The parts were misrepresented.
Opinion: It is my opinion, that you are a crack head.

<that you are doing over and over. With your
web of lies,as you have nothing else but to fabricate lies,and try to
mix "words" around to fabricate your lies.   

Claude >>

    There were four well regarded members of the DeLorean community there to
remove the parts and cars from your house and garage. You are going to call us
As I said, It takes one to know one...

You gave us permission and said that it was perfectly fine to discard the
DeLorean parts that were severely damaged (misrepresented on Ebay) in your
garage. In addition, we specifically asked you for permission to do so. You gave us
permission to throw away what Rob didn't want.
We asked for your permission to use the bathroom, borrow a tool, enter your
house, and enter your garage.

Additionally, we specifically asked you, if the parts in theloft and in the
basement of your house, were all of the parts that was included in the sale.
You swore to us that all of the parts were accounted for.

At the end of the day when we wanted to lock the cars, you objected and
wanted to "go through" each car to make sure that you didn't leave anything behind.
Lord knows what is missing from inside the cars.


Michael Pack
VIN 20069

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