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Since I've been generalized, words put in my mouth & possibly confused with
someone who's tried to stuff Christianity down a throat, I'll just post this,
shut up ('do you a favor') & say goodbye. I'm sure you will disagree & the
Jordan's will just throw out personal attacks. And it appears to me that you
(Jordan) are everything you accuse me of being.

--- in response to Marc & my original reply ---
This is not (and I never said) a Christian country for only Christians. Like you
said those who settled & established the govt. were escaping religious
prosecution... and most of those people were 'some form of Christians' (which is
documented not assumed or un-researched)... which was my reason for "Jesus's Dad"
referring to THEM (the founders) not 'all Americans' to differentiate between the

I don't take "In God We Trust" as literal or personal as you do. America was
founded for freedom OF religion not FROM religion. When I see "God" on our money
I don't see it as telling me what to believe. And I was ignorant of when it was
put on our currency, thanks.

"Nooooo one expects the Spanish inquisition!"
If Gibson were to do that I bet it be more historically correct than if done by
Oliver Stone.  ;-)

--- random thoughts on religion ---
1.  For every generation, it is a choice what to believe.  Not every Christian is
a mindless follower of what is put before them to believe. While for many it is a
decision of faith, for many it is just as founded in logic and science.  Where to
start:  Answers in Genesis (.org), CS Lewis, and Josh McDowell.  Besides, for
those who do blindly follow the religion their parents give them, how is that
different from those who blindly trust everything the media says, and accepts it
as truth?

2.  Spanish Inquisition - Religion is the attempt of man to reach god.
Relationship is god reaching back.  Because "religion" is heavily influenced by
man and his intentions, motivations, and other attributes it is open to those who
would call themselves "Christians" and use the church to attain power and
influence, without thought to the representation they give to the term.  (The
best definition of Christian is in the Bible, New Testament, and is the best yard
stick by which to measure; but you'd have to study, not just read it).
Similarly, rappers may represent themselves to be from the 'hood to gain street
credentials when they grew up in suburbia.

3.  Religion forcing in America - When the majority of American Citizens claim to
be Christian, why wouldn't the basic morals and beliefs of Christianity be
represented in our government and schools?  Some what on that note, the current
legal and political environment allows the minority to rule the majority, forcing
the majority to not only tolerate but embrace the minority belief, while having
to shield the minority from their own.  Christians "forcing" their beliefs today
is a ridiculous notion.  It is also interesting to note that currently the only
religious group it is acceptable to publicly not tolerate are those intolerant

4.  A thought - It is hard to separate out the intentions of the original
founding fathers from what they wrote, what they worked so hard to accomplish in
establishing a country.  They certainly were willing to face whatever personal
price they were required to pay in order to reach for the higher cause.  They
were not the ones who fled because of religious persecution, but were descendants
of those who did, as well as many others who fled for a variety of reasons.
America was founded as a Christian nation, and those underlying morals are
reflected in the establishment of the constitution, amendments, laws, etc.  When
looking at art or reading a classic novel; taking into consideration the context
of the life of the artist brings a far greater dimension; why wouldn't it be the
same with the documents that rule America?


Grady was right, this Forum is like the Roman Coliseums.

Well, off to my personal Nirvana, er um, Kansas. Goodbye DMCForum, its been
(click, click, click) there's no place like home, there's no place like home

Shannon Y

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