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[DMCForum] unmoderated user --- IN GOD WE TRUST

See below.

--- Shannon Yocom <ssdelorean@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Since I've been generalized, words put in my mouth &
> possibly confused with
> someone who's tried to stuff Christianity down a
> throat, I'll just post this,
> shut up ('do you a favor') & say goodbye. I'm sure
> you will disagree & the
> Jordan's will just throw out personal attacks. And
> it appears to me that you
> (Jordan) are everything you accuse me of being.

If I came across that way, I am sorry..  Most
"official" teachings of the church encourage
proselytizing.  (Check out the Vatican web site!) With
that, I tend to get somewhat defensive when topics
like this come up.

> I don't take "In God We Trust" as literal or
> personal as you do. America was
> founded for freedom OF religion not FROM religion.

I think the point here is the government getting in to
the business of religion.  While I sometimes object to
having holidays I don't celebrate being crammed down
my throat (just try and avoid Christmas music in
December!!), I never claimed this was in violation of
the first amendment.

However, when the government endorses God (I believe)
the first amendment is being violated.

> When I see "God" on our money
> I don't see it as telling me what to believe. And I
> was ignorant of when it was
> put on our currency, thanks.

It is an endorsement.

> "Nooooo one expects the Spanish inquisition!"
> If Gibson were to do that I bet it be more
> historically correct than if done by
> Oliver Stone.  ;-)

I like the Mel Brooks version in "history of the
world"..  Monty python was not bad either. :)

> 2.  Spanish Inquisition - Religion is the attempt of
> man to reach god.

Not sure what you mean by this.. 

> 3.  Religion forcing in America - When the majority
> of American Citizens claim to
> be Christian, why wouldn't the basic morals and
> beliefs of Christianity be
> represented in our government and schools? 

The issue is when religion uses government to force
the religious morals on everyone.  Just because there
are a majority of Americans that live by those morals,
does not mean that the law should enforce those

Should there be a law that all Americans must go to
church on Sunday just because most already do? 

> Some what on that note, the current
> legal and political environment allows the minority
> to rule the majority, forcing
> the majority to not only tolerate but embrace the
> minority belief, while having
> to shield the minority from their own.  Christians
> "forcing" their beliefs today
> is a ridiculous notion.  It is also interesting to
> note that currently the only
> religious group it is acceptable to publicly not
> tolerate are those intolerant
> Christians...

Your right!  More people listen to Howard Stern than
vote in the presidential election!!  Yet, a small
group of religious nuts who are offended by stern have
made it their focus to get him off the air... and they
are succeeding!  I agree, this is unfair.

Not sure what you mean by not tolerate intolerant

> America was founded as a Christian nation, and those
> underlying morals are
> reflected in the establishment of the constitution,
> amendments, laws, etc.

Do you have some proof of this?  How do you conclude
that America was founded as a Christian nation?

> Grady was right, this Forum is like the Roman
> Coliseums.

Yea, fun.. isn't it?  :)

> Well, off to my personal Nirvana, er um, Kansas.
> Goodbye DMCForum, its been
> fun...

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