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Re: [DMCForum] Legend cars

It's a fascinating subject - especially in the light of our own desire
to hook up a Renault Alpine A610 turbo engine into a DeLorean one day
Unfortunately those engines are pretty tough to come by! They are single
turbocharged and require an effective intercooler to work, and herein
lies the problem that I believe they worked hard on at Legend and never
really got right. I did get chatting on e-mail to a Legend guy way back
in my early DeLorean years and was told as such. My love for the Lotus
Carlton has pointed me towards a chargecooler which is the best
compromise for a mid/rear engine turbocharger with limited ventilation
without changing the back end of the car (Renault put it where to top of
our back fascia is) or putting a large volume between blower and intake.
I've got friendly with a radiator fabricating expert who charges very
little and could probably rig up a chargecooler rad and whatever the
heat exchanger in the engine bay is called.

I'm curious - is the legend engine still odd-firing? The Renault lumps
are all even fire and have to counterract the problem which caused the
PRV to be made odd-firing in the first place - a nasty vibration. The
Renault lumps have a second sprocket drive from the camshaft which has
an eccentric weight on it to produce "anti-wobble". So either the legend
engines have this, or are still odd-firing which is a no-no according to
my PRV guy in a turbo application.

I have a friend (who you probably met in Memphis) who owns the only
Island setup in the UK (well, for about another month - we heard today
that another one is on its way). He got it as a non-runner and I think
the engine was abandoned mid-surgery during the turbo upgrade. I'm
fairly convinced the dizzy is still a stock DeLo setup and the engine
works "best" at 10 degrees at idle and 5lbs of boost. However, I've been
talking at great length to the company that rebuilds all our K-Jet
system components and will be working with them to produce a control
pressure regulator that enriches progressively with boost enabling that
horrible mickey-mouse affair with the hobbs switches to be removed. I'll
also get shot of the lambda system at the same time. The only remaining
issue is the timing. As an Island kit owner, do you know what's changed
in the distributor? I heard a while ago that it's simply the secondary
bob-weight is pinned preventing it from moving (?). There's the J&S
spark controller too but that's a bit of a bodge - a knock sensor should
be a safety feature not something to be relied on to control the timing.
My friend has been trying to get hold of one for a while.

Not going to Pidgeon forge now :-( But see you in Eurofest 2006?


Marc Levy wrote:

>I don't own any of those cars.. Mine is 1860, The
>Legend engine in it was installed after the company
>closed up.  The engine was used for dyno testing and
>such, and was sold when Legend closed up. 
>The rear view mirror is still holding strong!  :)
>502 is owned by Rob Grady.
>528 was fitted with a single turbo, and owned by a
>customer of Robs. (the single turbo project was an
>effort by Legend for a cost-reduced turbo option)
>There was another single turbo car which was sold at
>the Legend auction, this car eventually had the turbos
>removed then later ended up being destroyed.  I don't
>know if this was 501, 530, or 558.
>Rob owns another Legend car which had a twin turbo
>engine.  I am not sure what the VIN is on this car.
>I did get to look through Fred Dellis's "black book"
>where all of the test results for each DeLorean were
>kept.  I saw only information on the 4 DeLoreans (501,
>502, 528, 530) in the book.  Although I did not dive
>to deep in to it, I saw no information about 558.
>There were also a few other engines they used for
>assorted dyno and endurance testing.  Fred estimates 6
>to 8 twin turbo engines were complete when Legend
>closed up.  I believe all have been accounted for.
>Fred and I are supposed to get together before Pigeon
>Forge to put together a presentation.  A big part of
>what we have planned is question and answer, so feel
>free to ask him this question!



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