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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Deloreans and snobs

The "young" DeLorean owners I have met are respectful, excited and honoured
to be able to own and be part of this unique marque. Regardless if they
were, or were not, around when the car was conceived, has no bearing on the
knowledge and skills achieved regarding the car. All of them - 100% - of the
DeLorean owners I have met over the 15 years that I have owned one of 3
DeLoreans, are truly dedicated to this historic, and controversial vehicle.
Yes, there may be an exception, who, for whatever reason, tried to cut
corners by being unqualified to do the repairs that were attempted. These
few, perhaps did more damage to the vehicle in the long run, and
consequently felt they made a lousy choice in vehicles, when the car did not
measure up to their expectations.

The first one I bought, in hindsight, was crap! I spent a small fortune,
that I did not have at the time, rebuilding it correctly by delivering it to
a professional DeLorean specialist. I had to choose between losing the
investment, or repairing it, enjoying it, and tightening the belt for other
needs in my life, for a while. When repaired correctly, I was hooked!

I take offense at the reference made regarding "snob appeal". We owners, are
people not embarrassed to be stared at, asked questions, and not hesitant to
respond with a smile to all the same questions. Some are really dumb, but we
wince and smile! We are unique car lovers. So are Bricklin owners. I
personally feel that those 2900 cars made, are all a piece of crap! However,
I still respect your choice.

Snob appeal? Look in the mirror! Look at the owners of your Bricklins. Get a

The bottom line is that the DeLorean will always remain a truly unusual
vehicle in the history of the automobile, and will continue to entice lovers
of the car. Sometimes, love just doesn't last forever!

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> You would think that after 22years of Delorean ownership,I would find
> at Least a few "good Delorean owners"
> But sadly, I have to say,that is all I Found, a Very few "decent
> owners" Most are younger guys that were NOT even around when the car
> was in production,that are too juvenile,to tap in a resourse,of guys
> that were around,and studied the history of the Delorean,while the
> history was being made.It is a sad state when someone with extensive
> knowledge of the Delorean and the man, is put down,thru a "mob
> mentality" In a way I am GLAD I sold off all my Deloreans,as this
> new "state" of ownership that I see going on today,is a far cry,from
> the truely Deciated Delorean owners from past years.
> Having been both a delorean owner and a Bricklin owner(still a
> Bricklin owner)I find that the Bricklin owner is More in touch with
> what owning a Special interest Vehicle is all about,All I have seen
> with Delorean owners is the "whats in it for me" Mentality,No respect
> for anyone,just snobby mental mob attitude.The Delorean is truly
> becoming what JZD envisioned it becoming a True snob car.
> I was planning on buying a Delorean again sometime in the future,but
> now that I see what the Delorean is truly becoming,I want no part of
> it.
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