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[DMCForum] Re: Hotstart (New accumulator and pump


Are you not using a fuel pressure test rig with a 3-way "T"?

I tried that and couldn't figure out what I was measuring either. Try
to get a "T" or the right test rig. You have done the right things so
far, but John is right. The primary pressure regulator also has a
check valve to maintain rest pressure. If it's leaking, you'll lose

2 more things;

1. It is unlikely but possible that your vacuum leaks are creating a
lean condition while starting that prevent a hot-start. Better plug
them up to eliminate the possibility.

2. Also unlikely, but worth checking is your ballast resistor and
relay. Are you getting the full spark when you crank? If not, you may
have trouble igniting the leaner mixture when the engine is warm.

I mailed Walt's test rig back to him and I show that it was delivered
so borrow it from him and check rest pressure again. If you have good
rest pressure, plug those leaks, check that spark and enrich yourself
a hair as John suggests.

Hope this helps,


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Samuel <samuel_yahoo@xxxx> wrote:
> The new accumulator came with the car. I think the owner got it
> houston. The engine already runs fast (~1500 rpm) and has some
> lines disconnected under the intake. I need to get that fixed also.
> Samuel
> John Hervey wrote:
> >Samuel,
> >If you got the accumulator from me there should be a what I call
Hot Start 2
> >kit with it. It's the O ring s that go in the fuel distributor
> >pressure regulator where it can leak down also. If that has been
> >and it still won't start hot, then I would enrich the 02 setting
just a
> >hair.
> >John
> >
> >
> >  -----Original Message-----
> >  From: Samuel [mailto:samuel_yahoo@xxxx]
> >  Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 2:24 PM
> >  To: dmcforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >  Subject: [DMCForum] Hotstart (New accumulator and pump
> >
> >
> >  I was having a hot start problem, the accumulator was known to
be bad so
> >  it was replaced. The hotstart persisted so the check valve on
the pump
> >  was also replaced. I still have a hot start issue and dont want
> >  guess. No matter how long I crank, it wont start, it has to cool
> >  about 2 hours. Doing a plug swap does not allow it to start, and
did not
> >  allow it to start since I've had the problem. It should be
noted, the
> >  hot start came with the car, it didnt show up recently.
> >
> >  I put a pressure tester on the system, as the tech manual shows
on page
> >  62. After running the engine and letting it warm up (about 30
minutes of
> >  running), the valve was closed to the line from the pressure
> >  (so the guage shows pressure at the top of the distributor) and
> >  engine turned off. The pressure dropped down to ~3.5 bar, then
> >  about 10 minutes settled around 2.9 bar. I have managed to
> >  myself as to what I am measuring. I am unsure if i'm measuring
> >  control pressure, or the primary pressure.
> >
> >  If I am measuring the primary pressure, then that would mean the
> >  accumulator and check valve in the pump are good, so my hotstart
is from
> >  something else (note, my distributor has been messed with in the
> >  If I am measuring the control pressure, then how do I measure the
> >  primary pressure (turn guage around? Thought that would measure
> >  back to the tank).
> >
> >  Samuel
> >
> >
> >
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