Re: [DMCForum] spark plug problem bad.
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Re: [DMCForum] spark plug problem bad.

> So what didn't you like about my idea with the epoxy or JB

Quite honestly, I had (have) a good beer buzz, and my answer
was getting a bit long to keep going into options.  :-)

Yeah, JB Weld couldn't hurt.  I'm not sure that product is
available in Germany, but if not then I suppose that
something equivalent would be.  The surfaces would have to
be very clean.  If I tried it, I would be tempted to thread
a bolt in there rather than trust what is left of the
ceramic base to hold it.  That kind of epoxy tends to set
slow and drips a lot.  I would be worried that some would
get in the cylinder, and a magnet wouldn't pick it up very
well.  BUT JB Weld is mildly attracted to a magnet.  Have
you ever used the stuff to attach a magnet?  All the iron
particles in it tend to line up on the magnet's flux lines
as it cures.  Even when cured, a very strong magnet will
pick up flakes of JB Weld.

This reminds me of a heater hose fitting that broke off an
intake manifold of a new Chevy 5.7L.  The top broke off
leaving a threaded nipple in the manifold.  Luckily I had a
monster-sized easy-out, but I wasn't strong enough to turn
it with a wrench.  I ended up beating it with an impact
wrench.  It took as much effort as removing a crank pulley
nut from a DeLorean engine.  I was worried that I might
trash an expensive intake manifold, but I got lucky.

So how is your red DeLorean coming along?  Is it still red?
I tried to talk Samuel into at least spray painting the bare
spots on his red D, but he won't have any of that.  He
insists on driving it as it is until he swaps the panels.  I
told him that if I were to end up with those panels anyway,
the extra paint wouldn't bother me in the least, but still
he refuses.  Maybe we should bring a few spray cans of red
to use when he isn't looking?  :-)  When doing his brakes, I
tried to demonstrate how brake fluid removes paint, but he
wiped all that off the fender when I wasn't looking.  And I
was so disappointed to see that it didn't remove the paint.


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