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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Help, Andrei's Fallen Into the HP Trap [Slightly T]

I know all about HP and Torque going hand in hand.  HP is just a good number
to referance, cause it is easy to calculate.

The 450hp for my engine is based on claculations I did during the rebuild.
You know with the volume of the heads, thickness of the gasket, the cylinder
bore, stroke, carb jetting.  The engine only has an alternator, raw water
pump, and fresh water pump on it, so power drain is minimal.

Actuly I do tow things with my Porsche...  I towed a large steel truss and
some other steel home to make the base of my bar :)

The problem I have with the boat is the ACCEL coil going bad.  Then the boat
sank, cause some dumbass forgot to plug in the charger druing rainy season
in FL, and I smoked the starter in the process of saving the engine.  I used
alot of oil and killed a battery and starter but at least my engine is still
fine. Now my extra $$$ and time is going into the D and Karmann Ghia then I
will get back on the boat.


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> Andrei, Andrei, Andrei -- don't fall into the HP trap.
> Horsepower is calculated from 2 numbers: Torque and RPM's. An engine
> that "only" produces a couple hundred HP, but does so at low RPM's, is
> MUCH more powerful than an engine rated even higher at high RPM's.
> Consider a semi trailer tractor. "Only" puts out 300-400 HP. But it
> does so at 1,500 RPM. Do you suppose your Porsche -- with the same HP
> rating -- could pull 80,000 lbs as that tractor does? The answer is of
> course "no" because it would never be able to rev anywhere near its
> power band (actually it would stall the minute you let the clutch out).
> Domestic big blocks have tremendous torque -- 3 or 4 times as much as
> a little sports car engine. That's why you see people towing boats and
> trailers with a Cadillac, but never a Honda.
> FYI: HP = Torque x RPM / 5252.
> The 450 HP rating of your 454 is probably a gross number, calculated
> out of the vehicle with no accessories on the front. That's the way
> American manufacturers did it in the 1960s. Actual net HP in the car
> averaged a hundred ponies or so lower. Domestic manufacturers switched
> to net HP ratings at the same time they dropped compression ratios --
> lower compression does lower HP, but not as badly as the 1972 numbers
> make it appear.
> If you're having problems with the 454 in your boat, consider a Ford
> 460. I know it's a popular marine application.
> Bill Robertson
> #5939

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