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The point I was making is: my engine burns too hot timed at 13 degrees
BTDC (that mysterious notch on my timing scale, which I am now
convinced was transplanted, not original the the block -- even F
series B27 is spec'd at 10 degrees). Jim thinks it doesn't get too
hot. I have Louie as an eyewitness: plugs weren't melted (Delco
R42's), but they definitely were headed in that direction. There IS
such a thing as too much burn time in the cylinder...

The "ass-dyno" he refers to is my perception that the car performed no
better timed like that. But I apparently have no idea what I'm doing
anyway (Dear God, please don't let my driveway full of vintage
automobiles disintegrate like the Blues Brothers the next time I turn
the key) so my butt must be the world's most imprecise measuring

And don't go waving your HP numbers too proudly: even my dumbed down
460's, only producing 210 HP, still turn 425 lbs of torque. Move 5,000
lbs of sheet metal (and a REAL cast frame, thank you very much) 0-60
in 8-9 seconds effortlessly. The reason they don't scream at
rediculously high RPM's is BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE TO.

How are these for sweeping statements:
Advantages of a REAL big block (PRV is *NOT* a big engine):
- Power -- "there is no replacement for displacement"
- Slower RPM's -- quieter running, less stress on engine components
- Lower operating temperature -- seals and gaskets last longer
- Ease of maintenance -- not only is every single component larger and
easier to access, but you don't have to mess with them nearly as often

Final thought: doesn't your statement that "Some of us might be more
worried about simply getting the most complete burn" (apparently in
reference to advancing ignition time) TOTALLY confirm what I said last
month about American manufacturers doing just that to get through
emissions?! Last month I was thoroughly pilloried for saying such. Now
you say EXACTLY the same thing...

Bill Robertson

>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Martin Gutkowski <webmaster@xxxx> wrote:
> Hello to the king of sweeping statements once again. (and sorry to
> everyone else, I couldn't resist). Still wondering exactly what point
> youre making, Bill.
> content22207 wrote:
> >Internal combustion reality is: the longer the mixture burns, the
> >hotter the cylinder and its components will become. 
> >
> Some of us might be more worried about simply getting the most complete
> burn.
> >Guess you've
> >never heard of someone burning a valve. I've also heard of people
> >melting holes in the tops of their pistons. BTW: It's usually the
> >"performance" crowd doing these things.
> >
> Yes. Because when playing with turbo engines it's all too easy. You
> to worry about three things, all which affect each other. Boost, timing
> and fuelling. If one goes wrong.... my friend's Skyline melted a piston
> because a head gasket job had been done a bit overzealously and the
> compression was too high, for example.
> >Have you ever compared the operating temperature of a big block to a
> >little engine like the PRV?
> >
> You're labouring under a serious misapprehension if you think the
> DeLorean's PRV is small. It's a 2.85l low compression, large bore,
> stroke V6. A "small" engine is a 2 litre 4cyl variable-valve "Type R"
> Honda engine that screams to 9000rpm and puts out nearly 200hp.
> Martin

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