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Hey Martin.

I'm usually right there smirkin' and lurkin' on the internet when
Bill says something stupid and you jump on him for it, so I can't in
good conscience let you bash him when he's actually right for a

Torque is the rotational analog of force.  Bill is correct in
comparing torque to force, so cut the guy a break.  The units don't
appear to match because the force in rotation is at right angles to
the axis at a distance from the axis.  That distance from the axis is
where the meter in Nm comes from.  You probably already knew this but
forgot it.

For every equation of power in a straight line, there is an
equivalent for power in rotation, and they all differ by that "meter"
that shows up in torque.

As an aside, I had a funny experience in a physics class, in which we
were being introduced to torque.  The professor said that in English
units, torque is expressed in poundfeet, and in metric, it's
expressed in Newtonmeters, and since a Newton times a meter is a
Joule, (not 9.8 Newtons times a meter, like in one of your prior
posts, one of the few that was wrong) , one could also express torque
in Joules.  I said "No!" really loud and embarrassed myself and the
professor quite thoroughly.  It was funny, even though most of the
class didn't get it.

But usually, about nine times out of ten, you're right, and Bill's
wrong.  I hope you two never stop arguing.  It's funny.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Martin Gutkowski <webmaster@xxxx>
> I just remembered that F=mA Force = Mass x Accelleration.
> Therefore Force is measured in kgm/s^2, taking us to SI units.
> By your argument the units of Torque (NewtonMetres) should be the
> as force, which clearly they aren't. Going too fast for you here?
> >All the key components are in the classic HP definition: force,
> >distance, and time. Look very closely and maybe you'll finally see
> >
> >HP = Torque x RPMs / 5252
> >
> >It's all there: force (torque), distance (revolutions), and time
> >(minutes).
> >
> And distance with respect to time is also called....? I'll give you
> clue: "Miles PER HOUR?" What's that the unit of. Oh look, it's a
> of SPEED isn't it? So is radians/sec.
> Oh and once again TORQUE IS NOT THE SAME AS FORCE - see top of this
> Please answer me one question: Did you ever do physics at school?
> you learn about formulae? Did you do distance, speed and time
graphs in
> basic mathematics? I did it at around age 11.
> Martin
> > 
> >

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