[DML] Re: Help!!!! Brought 06859 home today from ebay purchase
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[DML] Re: Help!!!! Brought 06859 home today from ebay purchase

Unfortunately, Rob Grady hasn't been the one working on this car.  If 
he had, I don't think I would be having these problems.  Rob only 
rebuilt the steering rack for the brain donor I bought the car from.  
Said genius is the one who installed the rack.  I think this guy 
overestimates his capabilities.  Believe it or not, he is selling the 
car because he opened a garage and is in financial trouble. I wonder 
if it has anything to do with his client base seeing the quality of 
his work? 

--- In dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Lawrence Lormand" <lawrencesr@xxxx> 
> Just call Rob Grady & ask him what he saw wrong or what he replaced 
or worked on,
> I'm sure he would be more than happy to help.
> Lawrence
> --- In dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "delorean6859" <tmadsop@xxxx> wrote:
> > Alright, I picked up #06859 this afternoon that I won in an ebay 
> > auction (auction # 4566780231).  The car was described as 
> > condition inside and out and was owned by a mechanic, so I 
> > thought....this is the one.  Well, I'll cut to the chase and say 
that I 
> > need help.  If anyone lives in the DC/Maryland area or more 
> > specifically near Calvert County, I need you.  I'll get into the 
> > specifics about the transaction below, but the car has some major 
> > issues that I'm going to need help with and would appreciate it 
> > someone could take it for a drive and look at it and tell me what 
> > think the problems are.  Here are the major issues so far that I 
> > uncovered:
> > 
> > First, the parking brake will not engage.  This is major because 
> > won't pass a Maryland inspection.  The parking brake light will 
go on 
> > if you pull the brake up one notch, after that, it goes out and 
> > brake will not hold.
> > 
> > Second, and probably more serious, I suspect a fuel system 
issue.  The 
> > idle is racing.  When I sit at an idle (with or without 
> > airconditioning) it revs between 500 and 1100 RPM.  It is 
> > reving almost like I am tapping the gas pedal every second.  
> > 
> > Also, which may be related, when I lift my foot off of the gas it 
> > sounds like I've got a trail of "Just Married" cans being pulled 
> > the car.  It's not quite a backfire, but it isn't what you would 
> > a fine automobile to sound like.
> > 
> > Also potentially related is the fact that the car makes a loud 
> > noise whenever I take a hard left turn.  I saw a posting some 
time this 
> > week that had someone with this sound whenever they made a hard 
> > and they suspected a suspension or bearing issue and it turned 
out to 
> > be something with the fuel system. I don't know what forum it 
was, but 
> > I'll be looking for it tonight.
> > 
> > Another issue is that the Oil Pressure gauge seemed to function 
> > normally during the three hour drive, but about half way through 
> > the gauge went all the way past 80 and was point to the "I" in 
> > After a while it went back to normal.
> > 
> > Now before you suggest I go buy the shop manual, that was one of 
> > things the car was SUPPOSED to come with.  However, integrity 
seems to 
> > be lacking in the individual that sold me this car.
> > 
> > None of the marker lights on the doors will light.  I haven't 
> > tried to track that issue down.  This could be anything from a 
> > pulled/blown fuse.....I think I'll get to that one last.
> > 
> > The body is not in the excellent condition that it was described 
to be 
> > in either.  The stainless isn't too bad, but there are several 
dings in 
> > various spots and a deep scratch across the grain of the steel on 
> > hood.
> > 
> > A brand new steering rack was installed this morning and it feels 
> > little loose.  I have no experience with cars without power 
> > so maybe it is supposed to be this way, which brings me back to 
my need 
> > for someone to drive it who is "in the know".
> > 
> > Now before you say, Nate, why did you even go on with the 
> > Well, that is funny you should ask.  The racing idle issue was 
> > immediately apparent.  However the clunking sound when you take 
> > foot off of the gas and when you make a hard left turn were not 
> > immediately apparent.  The dings aren't THAT noticable (the utter 
> > of any weatherstripping was though!)  But the main reason was 
that I 
> > met this guy on the Jersey Turnpike so I didn't have to drive all 
> > way to Yonkers (I'm one of those federal law enforcement types 
> > a midnight shift with no days off in sight).  My wife (who I must 
> > because she rarely says no to me .......outside of the bedroom, 
> > had to make an appointment at 2:30 and the knucklehead was late 
> > up.  So I got left at the rest area in New Jersey like cheap 
> > The Delorean had now become my ride home with no back-up.
> > 
> > So the moral of the story is this:
> > When buying on ebay READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!
> > When it says "headliner recently replaced" look into the fact 
that the 
> > guy has a Johnny Bravo type of hairstyle that requires 15 W 50 to 
> > it up. The headliner again needs to be replaced bacause I don't 
> > people thinking that crap came from my head!!!
> > 
> > When it says interior and exterior in excellent 
condition.....well that 
> > one is kind of like my single days at the Federal Law Enforcement 
> > Training Center and the rating system for women there.  A "6" in 
> > life was a FLETC "9" when you factor in the pool of applicants 
and the 
> > last time you actually saw a female.  I'll rate this car a fair 
as it 
> > sits now.
> > 
> > Anyway, I'd probably be a lot more upset right now if it wasn't 
for the 
> > fact that I know that Delorean owners are a rare breed and take 
care of 
> > each other.  I'm hoping I can restore this girl to her original 
> > with your help!!!!
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Nate
> > AKA "Really mad I sold a perfectly good Porshe Boxster for this 
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > --- In dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "delorean6859" <tmadsop@xxxx> 
> > > Hi Joey,
> > > I'm picking up (hopefully) my Delorean tomorrow.  I live in 
> > > County Maryland and my inlaws live in Baltimore (which 
> > means 
> > > I try to avoid Baltimore at all costs!)  I won mine on ebay 
about 2 
> > > weeks ago and it currently lives in Yonkers, NY.  The owner is 
> > > mechanic and is having the rack and pinion steering and 
> > > replaced with PJ Grady's.  Feel free to reach out to me if you 
> > > anything and pass along any other owners you know of in our 
> > > 
> > > Nate #6859(hopefully....if it is as described)

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