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Hi guys,

Sorry that I couldn't make the session. Glad to hear that the DMC community is still going strong.

Michael Pack
VIN 20069

"cruznmd" <racuti1@xxxx> wrote:

>Sorry to hear that guy with the frame resto issue didn't get the help 
>he wanted. Here's -my- story of other "D" owner's generosity:
>I am so glad that of all the cars, clubs and people I could have
>associated myself with, that I chose to buy a DeLorean.
>For the second time now I've had people come from out of state, with
>parts, tools and test equipment just to help me out. They didn't want
>anything in return. No money, no parts. Just a "help me out next
>time". (Dave Stragand wanted some Dr. Pepper for the radiator he 
>brought me)
>Mike Cohee donated his garage. His wife courteously kept us stuffed
>with hot wings, candy bars and soda all weekend. Chinese for dinner.
>I did contribute pizza Friday night. :) Dave Stragand came down with
>a gazillion different fasteners, tools and a Bear engine analyzer. He
>also brought his experience and knowlege. Bill Robertson, conned his
>buddy into towing me 40 or 50 miles to Mike's place free of charge
>and shuttled me around while my car was on the operating table. He's
>also the stainless king. People flame Bill far too much.
>If you don't agree with how he runs his cars, that's fine but he'll
>give you a kidney if you needed it.
>I call these guys "The DIRT", The DIsaster Recovery Team. We took
>pictures with Dave's digital cam so hopefully he'll post them when he
>gets home. Here's the short list of what we did Friday and Saturday:
>1. Removed my blown out radiator. The RH tank has seperated from the
>2. We discovered Dave's radiator had a pin hole. Some discussion led
>to Dave soldering it while I applied vacuum with a hand pump to draw
>in the solder. All Dave's idea. Bill had the vac pump. We vac AND
>pressure tested the radiator. Good fix.
>3. We replaced every section of rubber hose from bow to stern. Bill
>supplied the hose from his remaining section of stock as well as a
>slew of clamps. I swapped out my otterstat for one that clicks on a
>bit sooner. I think the original is out of calibration.
>4. Here's a biggie: TABs. One was determined to be "not original" and
>looked like it came from a hardware store. Ewww. Again, replaced with
>one of Bill's originals. It was very clean and straight. No rust.
>5. The coup de gras was Dave's portable engine analyzer. Mechanic in
>a box. Hooks about half a dozen leads to points on the car, talks
>through a lap top. He could show us which cylinders were firing
>poorly and maybe why. Ignition graphs, cranking tests, the works. We
>found a near-dead plug wire so we fab'd a replacement.
>6. At last, a fuel pressure test rig. My pump puts out 4.8-ish Bar.
>My CPR cold, only puts out .8 Bar. Too low but it -does- warm up
>quickly to the required 3.5 bar. We found that the metal tubing at
>the fuel filter was kinked closed so I installed John Hervey's filter
>fix kit. I cut back the kinked section of metal tube.
>7. Inertia switch. Dave found wires upstream stripped and twisted
>together providing a constant ground to the fuel pump. I separated
>them and now the switch works like it should.
>8. The "De-carbonizer". Eco-disaster in a can. This stuff is cool.
>Disconnect the supply and return lines from the fuel dist. Hook up
>this pressure rig to the supply side and screw in the can. Start the
>car. The engine runs -on the can-. Makes a wicked smoke screen but it
>will positively eat anything bad in your engine. Kind of like a car-
>colonic. May cause cancer in humans.
>That's all just MY car. Mike Cohee got some attention too but I'll
>let him tell his story.
>The end result? My car now runs the best it has since I've owned it.
>The drive home was incredible. I believe I have as much power as that
>engine is supposed to make in stock form.
>Thanks guys.
>Rich A.

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