Re: idle fluctuations
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Re: idle fluctuations

You really have to find out just what is causing the problem. It could
be a sticking throttle cable, tight throttle plates and shaft, worn
out quadrant link, or a hard to move throttle spool. Disconnect the
linkage and see what is not moving smoothly or sticking. I would start
with the quadrant link. Remove the pins from the ends before trying to
remove. Before taking it apart rotate the throttle spool with your
hand and watch the throttle shaft. If you can move the throtle spool a
lot before you see the throttle plates move then the quadrant link is
worn. Watch the ends and see where the play is. Lubricating may also
help a little. If the throttle cable is sticking lubricate with
anti-freeze as per the recall. If that won't help then you may have to
replace it. You can also check that a floor mat or carpet isn't
interfering with the gas pedal and the pedal itself isn't sticking.
More tension isn't going to "fix" this. Something is wrong and
throwing a bigger spring on it is not the way to go. Besides, if you
put a heavy spring on the linkage your foot will get tired quickly.
David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Louie Golden <louie@xxxx> wrote:
> What do I do if my throttle arm isn't returning all the way? The
spring is already on the second setting. I tried lubing the linkage...
still the throttle will stick at about 1100-1400 rpm's after the car
has been driven. I can revv the engine and it will get enough momentum
to make the throttle arm return all the way. What should I do? Is a
new throttle spool spring an option? Obviously I need more tension.

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