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DeLorean Titles

Automobile Quarterly Volume 41, No. 1

Hispano-Suiza, The Bentley Boys' Bentleys, LaSalle, John Z. DeLorean, Sabra: Israel's Desert Flower, Garrett's Muscle Car Museum and more. Hardbound, 10 3/4" x 8 1/2", 112 pages, 105 color ill., 84 b&w.



By John Z. DeLorean with Ted Schwarz
De Lorean. The book by the man himself. From the back of the book, "Many have attempted to tell his story; now it is his turn." This book is a great introspective on the life of John Z. DeLorean, providing much insight on the inner workings of the Automotive giant. This book is Copyright 1985 by John DeLorean. The ISBN Number is 0-310-37940-7. Get it today!


DeLorean 1977-1995 Gold Portfolio

DeLorean 1977-1995 Gold Portfolio

Drawing on material from a wide range of motoring magazines, this volume is devoted to the prestigious and high-performance cars from DeLorean. Filled with articles by the top automotive journalists from the world\'s leading automotive publications, including road and track tests, model introductions, driving impressions, comparisons, a factory visit, performance & technical data, specs, long term reports, and more. Sftbd., 7 3/4'x 10 3/4', 172 pgs., 301 b&w ill.


Dream Maker - The Rise and Fall of John DeLorean

Dream Maker - The Rise and Fall of John Z. DeLorean

By Ivan Fallon & James Srodes
ISBN: 0-399-12821-2


Grand Delusions - The Cosmic Career of John DeLorean

Another "after" book, it offers fewer pictures, fewer facts and essentially the same story as "Dream Maker". Only published in hard cover.

  Hard Driving - My Years With John DeLorean

I believe that this is the only book written by a DMC executive, though there were several magazine articles by others. By William Haddad. No illustrations or photographs. Published in both hard cover and paperback.


  John DeLorean - The Maverick Mogul

Hillel Levin's second book about the rise and fall and life and times of John Zachary DeLorean

  On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors

By J. Patrick Wright. Easily the first book about JZD, Wright wrote the book based on hours of meetings and voluminous notes from JZD. JZD was hesitant to publish for fear of retribution against DMC. Wright eventually published the book himself in 1979. Published in both hard cover and paperback.

Stainless Steel Illusion - 2nd Edition Printing

Revered as one of the greatest DeLorean books ever written, Stainless Steel Illusion, has become in recent years almost impossible to obtain. Now you have an opportunity to own your own copy of Stainless Steel Illusion!  In the new edition you see the original book in its entirety with original photos and dustjacket, as well as a new chapter added to update the book to the current standing of the DeLorean. Reserve a part of DeLorean history today!

$39.95 - #P100099 Stainless Steel Illusion - 2nd Edition

  The DeLorean Tapes

Published by THE SUNDAY TIMES INSIGHT, London. This is a rare soft cover book which is a compilation of all the FBI tapes made during their attempt to set their hook in John Z. DeLorean. It's 164 pages long and is just transcripts wth a few paragraphs interspersed to describe the setting when each set of tapes were made. It's a little tabloid in character but nevertheless, it is about John Z.

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Technical Titles

Auto Upholstery & Interior Book

Auto Upholstery & Interior Book

Auto Upholstery and Interiors Book - A do-it-yourself guide to repairing, replacing, or customizing automotive interiors. Written by Bruce Cadwell 136 pages softbound. Includes chapters on headliners, carpet, door panels, dashboards and much more.

Auto Upholstery Handbook

Auto Upholstery Handbook

Take the mystery out of automotive upholstery. Starts off with the basic tools and progresses through custom interior designs. You will gain enough confidence to take on your own project. Softbound, 224 pages. By Don Taylor.

Cover Art for BOSCH FUEL INJECT HP1365

Bosch Fuel Injection Systems

Author(s): Aird, Forbes

ISBN:  1557883653
Format:  Paperback
Pub. Date:  7/1/2001
Publisher(s): HP Trade

Bentley Bosch Fuel Injection Handbook and Engine Management

Bentley Bosch Fuel Injection Handbook and Engine Management

This Bosch Bible fully explains the theory, troubleshooting, and service of all Bosch systems from D-Jetronic through the latest Motronics. Includes high-performance tuning secrets and information on the newest KE- and LH-Motronic systems not available from any other source. Sftbd., 8x 10, 192 pgs., 475 ill.'

How to Tune and Modify Bosch Fuel Injection

How to Tune and Modify Bosch Fuel Injection

Get the most from your FI system! This handy guide will help you coax better mileage and top performance from most any Bosch system, including Asian imports, Motronic, and D, L, LH, K, K w-Lambda, and KE-Jetronic systems. Hundreds of helpful illustrations and tips will make the job easier. Working with the Bosch system just got easier! Sftbd., 8 1/4x 10 5-8, 176 pgs., 111 b&w ill., 132 diagrams.


How to Maintain & Enjoy Your Collector Car

Click picture for price and ordering info.

How to Restore Classic Car Bodywork

How to Restore Classic Car Bodywork

Martin Thaddeus. Gives the do-it-yourself restorer the confidence to tackle bodywork repairs and achieve professional results. The text is easy to read, the photos bright and colorful, and the instructions are clear. This book gives the backyard mechanic confidence to tackle bodywork repairs and achieve professional results. Specially devised techniques which don't rely on professional workshop equipment enable even the most difficult tasks to be undertaken.


How to Restore Your Collector Car

First published in 1984, this bestselling restoration book has gone through a multitude of reprints while proving itself a trusty standby for automotive enthusiasts the world over. This reincarnation of that tried-and-true classic retains the same helpful hands-on advice of its predecessor, but is updated to include all color photographs, classic models through the 1970s, and advances in techniques, products, and laws governing modifications. Excellent step-by-step instructions cover all areas of restoration--mechanical, electrical, bodywork, and more. And author Tom Brownell goes to great lengths to point out the materials, tools, and parts needed to get the job done correctly and on budget. From selecting a suitable restoration candidate to applying the final coat of paint, Brownell leaves readers with a thorough understanding of the entire process.Click picture for price and ordering info.

Repairing and Restoring Classic Car Components

Repairing and Restoring Classic Car Components

Learn how to rescue, repair and restore old components -- the knowledge you need to keep a restored car on the road, or to undertake a full rebuild. Unlike with modern cars, classic car hobbyists cannot simply throw away and replace parts when they break. This book will show you basic workshop techniques, such as welding, grinding, riveting and soldering.

You'll also learn how to adapt new parts to fit old components, and perform repairs on door locks, fuel pumps, distributors, speedometers, and many other complex parts of your collector car. The authors tell you what jobs can be done with basic hand tools, what specialized equipment might be needed, and which jobs need to be sent out to a professional. Hardcover, 8-1/4' x 10-1/2', 176 pages, 250 color


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