[doc] Very Strange - my blower fan quit working completely
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[doc] Very Strange - my blower fan quit working completely

Hello, my name is Derek, and I while I've been a member of this list
for some time, I don't think I've posted here before.  Just trying
to get my question to as big of an audience as possible for this

Here's a problem that has got me stumped.  (sort of lengthy
description, but please bear with me) 

Background story:
Ever since I've had my car, the interior blower fan would quit
running when the mode switch was turned to heater or defrost (top 2
positions on mode switch).  Last week I finally decided to tackle
the problem, and pulled back the center console and took out the
mode switch.  Turns out that at some point, the outer metal "rail"
inside the switch had melted down into the plastic, so that as the
dial was turned up to heater and defrost, the nub on the contact
plate no longer touched the metal rail, which fed the green fan
wire.  Simple enough, so I raised up the rail, installed everything
back in, and the fan then worked in all positions.  A happy camper I

So that evening, I go for a drive, 15 minutes to a store, running
the heater.  No problems.  Half way home, I sat idling outside
another store for about 15 minutes while a friend went inside. 
During that time, I heard a faint "sizzling" noise from the relay
compartment, but it was so faint, that I questioned whether I really
heard it and there were no noticeable symptoms, so I sort of
shrugged and didn't think much of it.  By the time I got home, I
realized that the blower fan had quit working on ALL positions of
the mode switch. 

So here's where I'm at now.  The circuit breaker for the blower fan
seems fine (multi meter shows power on top and bottom contacts), the
3rd and 4th fan speed relays test ok for continuity (although I'm no
expert on what to look for) and nothing looks even slightly melted
or burned up.  I replaced all fuses.  I made sure the fan speed
switch is securely connected.  The resistor behind the fan itself is
brand new and securely connected.  And of course my repair in the
mode switch still looks good.  Everything seems fine.

The blower motor still works, because when hooking up a separate 12V
battery directly to the contacts on the motor, it comes right on. 
When hooking up my multi-meter to the pink/red wire going to the
motor, it shows the following:

Fan speed switch positions:
Off :    0 volts
1:       11.75 volts
2:       11.75 volts
3:       0 volts
4:       0 volts

Despite positions 1 and 2 showing voltage, the fan never comes on.

I have looked at the wiring schematic on page M:18:19 of the
workshop manual, but unfortunately with my level of expertise, most
of it is Greek to me.  If anyone can lend me some advice it would be
very much appreciated, because the only thing I know to do from here
is to try putting in new parts (relays, circuit breaker, fan speed
switch? etc).

Thanks in advance,
-Derek L
VIN 5302

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