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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Test email

A weight would affected by the force of gravity as well as a change in 
momentum (aka impulse) and the tangential force of spinning it off-axis 
(aka centrifugal force).

It's not a "gravity detector", it's a "force detector" (or more 
accurately, an "acceleration detector").  It's affected by force applied 
to the weight inside, it should be affected by spinning it around an 
axis not through the weight itself because it would give it a linear 
acceleration one way or another.

I'm not saying it makes anything happen, I'm just saying it's got to be 
affected in some way if it's an accelerometer of some sort.  I wouldn't 
be surprised if the designers planned/programmed around it, or it could 
be a totally different system not susceptible to this behavior.

Jon Heese

vz0dub wrote:
> It's probably got a weight.
> --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Jon 
> Heese" <dmcforum@...> wrote:
>> How does it know whether it's perpendicular to the ground?
>> Regards,
>> Jon Heese
>> Ross Apperson wrote:
>>> I don't know what to tell you. The accelorameter only
>>> works when the phone is perpendictular to the ground,
>>> like Jack said. I'm not totally sure how it works, but
>>> I can tell you what the results are.
>>> --- Jon Heese <dmcforum@...> wrote:
>>>> Jack Stiefel wrote:
>>>>> Ok imagine you're laying in bed and are looking at
>>>> a web page on
>>>>> portrait mode.  Now you want landscape, just tilt
>>>> the phone
>>>>> perpendicular to the Earth and spin it.  It will
>>>> transition to
>>>>> landscape.  Now lean it back and enjoy the new
>>>> view.  It is easier
>>>>> than it sounds.
>>>> Right.  Sounds obnoxious.  That was my original
>>>> point.
>>>>> Spinning it on a table does nothing as the unit is
>>>> flat to the Earth.
>>>> Flat to the earth, yes.  But the phone doesn't
>>>> detect "earth", it 
>>>> detects force, and spinning it around the z-axis
>>>> will generate force 
>>>> along both the y- and the x- axis in both
>>>> directions, out from the center.
>>>>> I'm at Disney with the kids and my mind hurts LOL,
>>>> forgive me.
>>>> My condolences.  :)
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Jon Heese
>>>>> Jack Stiefel Stiefel Aluminum
>>>>> On Jul 2, 2007, at 6:47 PM, "Jon Heese"
>>>> <dmcforum@...>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Jack Stiefel wrote:
>>>>>> Apple has licensed exchange. Its already an
>>>> option when setting up 
>>>>>> email, just not push yet. That's whats due out
>>>> very soon from what 
>>>>>> I've been told.
>>>>> Interesting. That's news to me, but good for them.
>>>>>> I've used mine laying down in bed. What happens
>>>> is it stays in 
>>>>>> portrait until you tilt it round and make it
>>>> straight, then it 
>>>>>> changes and as long as toy don't turn I'd back
>>>> straight and lean it
>>>>>>  back straight it won't change... God I sound
>>>> stupid, but you get
>>>>>> the gist. Also spinning it on a table does
>>>> nothing as the unit is
>>>>>> laying down not perpendicular to the ground...
>>>> Does any of this
>>>>>> make sense?
>>>>> Kind of, but either you missed the point of what I
>>>> was saying and I'm
>>>>>  not getting your response..
>>>>> It must use a sensor that "feels" gravity in the
>>>> x- and y-axes of the
>>>>>  phone. When you turn it like a PSP, it "feels"
>>>> gravity pulling along
>>>>>  the short axis, and turns the orientation.
>>>> Likewise, when you turn
>>>>> it up like a phone, it "feels" gravity pulling
>>>> along the long axis
>>>>> and turns the orientation appropriately. My
>>>> question is: What if
>>>>> gravity is pulling along the z-axis, i.e. you're
>>>> laying the phone
>>>>> flat on like a table, or over your head pointed
>>>> down at you?
>>>>> It sounds like you're saying it just keeps the
>>>> last known
>>>>> orientation. If so, that's exactly why I think
>>>> it's a flawed feature.
>>>>> Good to impress co-workers, but of limited use if
>>>> you tend to hold
>>>>> your cell phone flat when looking at it (as I do).
>>>>> My idea of spinning it flat on a table was to get
>>>> the accelerometers
>>>>>  that are designed to "feel" gravity to go wacky
>>>> and freak out the 
>>>>> programming that determines which way gravity is
>>>> pulling. I suppose 
>>>>> that spinning it like that would fire the sensors
>>>> for both the x- and
>>>>>  y-axes, and I suppose they would tell it to do
>>>> nothing when that
>>>>> happens.
>>>>> Regards, Jon Heese
>>>>>> Jack Stiefel Stiefel Aluminum
>>>>>> On Jul 2, 2007, at 5:55 PM, "Jon Heese"
>>>> <dmcforum@...> 
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> The one thing I thought was sort of a gimmicky
>>>> feature, from the 
>>>>>> commercial was the tilt sensor that changes the
>>>> orientation of the
>>>>>>  screen when you turn it from landscape to
>>>> portrait and vice
>>>>>> versa...
>>>>>> What if you have it laying flat on its back?
>>>> Which way does it
>>>>>> orient itself? It can't possibly know which way
>>>> I'm looking at it,
>>>>>> can it?
>>>>>> Then I started wondering what it would do if you
>>>> spin it like a top
>>>>>>  on its back, like on a smooth table or
>>>> something?... Will the tilt
>>>>>>  sensor go crazy? I'd like to see that.
>>>>>> On the topic of the Exchange Direct Push stuff:
>>>> Are there plans to
>>>>>>  support this eventually? As far as I know, this
>>>> is not open 
>>>>>> technology, and I would be surprised if Microsoft
>>>> would license the
>>>>>>  API to Apple so they can use it to try and take
>>>> the PDA tech
>>>>>> market away from them.
>>>>>> Regards, Jon Heese
>>>>>> Jack Stiefel wrote:
>>>>>>> So far I have been very impressed. The only
>>>> thing I really want
>>>>>>> is the exchange push and sync. I have had every
>>>> PDA Verizon and
>>>>>>> at&t sell and have had lackluster results until
>>>> now. The ipod
>>>>>>> part is great as is the visual voicemail and the
>>>> use of the
>>>>>>> finger for resizing web sites and pictures. It
>>>> is cool to just
>>>>>>> choose a message and hear it, no logging in or
>>>> listening to
>>>>>>> prerecorded voice prompts. I also enjoy full
>>>> HTML email support
>>>>>>> and while the exchange sync is not there YET,
>>>> yahoo emails push
>>>>>>> in just fine.
>>>>>>> The camera takes very good pics, I'm very
>>>> impressed.
>>>>>>> The phone reacts just like on the ads, no trick
>>>> photography
>>>>>>> there.
>>>>>>> I've been reading tons of posts and there are
>>>> some updates coming
>>>>>>>  down the pike that will make this more of a
>>>> business phone.
>>>>>>> Jack Stiefel Stiefel Aluminum
>>>>>>> On Jul 2, 2007, at 5:04 PM, "Dave Stragand" 
>>>>>>> <dave.stragand@...> wrote:
>>>>>>> No problem. I, like everyone else, have heard a
>>>> LOT of hype about
>>>>>>>  those. Is it true they allow you to place calls
>>>> to the dead? And
>>>>>>> is there really a built-in AED unit? =)))
>>>>>>> Want to tell us all your first impressions?
>>>>>>> -Dave
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