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> And the mason jar is where?  I envisioned some kind of external 
> tank that has plumbing and a pump/valve of some kind to feed the 
> into the "star".  Is the jar your "tank"?  How convenient is it to 

The jar is pretty much the tank.  As the star winds up, the hydrogen 
gas in it compresses into a dot in the center which makes room for 
more gas to put in or a vacuum would implode the jar.  That little 
dot of hydrogen has enough mass to make gobs of energy for a very 
long time.  For overkill I would leave a tank connected if only to 
terminate the air fittings.  But that is not a concern now as I do 
not have the star yet in a sustainable form.  I am just talking out 
of my ass, remember?  This is likely only science fiction, right?

> Yeah, but what about Ryan, who offered to beta test the system?  
> he doesn't have a death wish... :)

Gag! I would not turn this type of device loose in anyone's car 
except my own.  And then I would probably leave it in my garage to 
recharge my car's batteries from it.  Better yet, just have the many 
power utility companies all over the planet use their existing 
grids.  Maybe the oil companies can use the energy to make a 
synthetic fossil fuel that burns clean until they wean everyone off 
of that sort of thing in favor of bottled hydrogen gas.  There will 
always be a need for distribution.  I'm still looking for a better 
way to make an energy storage system that cannot be made into a 
bomb.  That's a tall order.  I think the best bet is just to run 
everything on conventional hydrogen fuel cells.  With the power that 
a morning star can generate, put electrodes in acidic water and watch 
it lyse the water.  Hydrogen bubbles off of one electrode and oxygen 
from the other.  Blow the oxygen into the atmosphere and bottle the 
hydrogen for everyone else to burn in their cars.  The byproducts of 
this is plain water and heat.  All energy problems solved.  End of 
story.  And beginning of what?  {scoffs quietly}

Just take it at face value.  Its a good story.  Nobody would ever buy 
it unless I go floating or do something biblicly gross like turn 
water into blood, move a mountian by faith alone, etc.  I am not into 
cheap parlor tricks.  Just a good story.  Consider it a suplement to 
BTTF or whatever.  I did do the equivelant of bump my head on a 
toilet like Doc Brown and thus got the idea for this device.  I was 9 
years old getting out of the shower toweling off going to my 
bedroom.  I had previously eaten lots of corn beef & cabbage -- a bad 
combo for me cuz I dont digest cooked cabbage at all.  My digestive 
system lacks the ability to make that enzyme.  So it just farts out 
really rank.  I never eat the stuff if I can possibly avoid it.  
Anyway, after spending too much time in a confined shower stall 
having to choke in my own farts, I wanted to save one to make a fart 
bomb to give my older sister.  So when I got to my room wet & naked, 
I farted into this chrome plated plastic egg that was popular in the 
early 1970's for something like Sheer Energy brand panty hose.  I 
farted into it, closed it up and left it on my dresser to give to my 
sister at a later time cuz she wasnt around.  Then in my distraction 
I notice it several days later still on my dresser.  I pick it up and 
notice that the gasses leaked out breaching the walnut finish on this 
nice antique dresser.  I figured that if it leaked out that much 
doing that kind of damage then surely by now the egg was empty.  So I 
open it just enought to poke my nose in.  Oh, big mistake.  Talk 
about sensory overload!  Ever hear,feel or see an odor?  I thought my 
head exploded.  But at that instant I came up with a concept I called 
Universal Periodicity.  It has to do with the shape of extremely 
large objects filling outerspace.  From that I eventually figured out 
the dynamics of vortex circulations.  So like Doc Brown I knocked my 
head on a toilet.  No bandage like in the movie.  Instead the injury 
was internal. :-)  

Maybe I'll get around to posting some kind of cool levitation video 
on youtube or similar, but people would only call it trickery, I 

> My question was supposed to be more like, "what safety measures 
> be built into this system?"

Eh, I suppose safety means just to keep it out of the wrong hands... 
but these matters are out of my hands anyway, per se.  I just do what 
I am told to do by ... Who?  I'm still working on that seemingly 
silly revelation story.  I find it hard to get my head around.  I had 
read that scripture times before and it went right over my head.  
Then one day I read it and thought that such a person has to be 
someone someday. I'm tired of waiting.  I think I see how it works, 
and I dont see anyone else doing it.  I want it done, so I'm making 
it happen.  But to think that I could be someone mentioned as a 
specific individual in the Bible of all places -- somewhere way in 
the back -- but still in that book.  Strange.  Very strange.  Good 
story.  I like stories.  Now wasnt that entertaining?  Time to think 
about something else for a while.  I'm bored of these thoughts.  I 
think I'll go find some dinner...
> Interesting.  I guess most physics books assume that you don't have 
> "morning star reactor" in your backyard, so I didn't know that.  
I'm not 
> familiar with this term.  Is there somewhere I can find more info 
on this?

Yeah, read the book of Revelation starting at Chapter 2, verses 26 
thru 28.  I like the King James version best.  Some translations call 
it an iron rod.  Some call it an iron scepter.  I think "septer" is a 
better description.  And morning star?  That nails it right thru the 

> So, tell me if I have this right:
> You've got a pair of iron rings (soon-to-be-superconductors) 
attached to 
> arms on a shaft, driven by a DC motor.  Along the axis of rotation, 
> between the iron rings, there is a quantity of hydrogen gas.
> Now are you accelerating electrons in the iron rings?  Can you 
remind me 
> again how you get it all started?

You got it.  Except they are wave guides and not rings.  There is a 
lot of other stuff associated with it and all, cathode rays & such 
are a part of it like old television picture tubes.  But once it is 
running then it can be used to induce room temperature 
superconductivity into iron rings or iron rolls of wire.  It doesnt 
seem to keep running in other types of wire except maybe nickel & 
cobalt.  But where the hell do I get nickel & cobalt wire?  I have 
had to come up with too much weird stuff totally from scratch.  It is 
quite a challenge coming up with all this crap on a beer budget -- 
discarded used car parts & such.  Funny story, right?  Clever.  
Idiot.  Enough.

If this were the DML they would never let such a thread get started --
 let alone get this far.  Have I made a total ass out of myself yet? 
I could speak volumes more about the rest of the revelations, but why 
should I spoil the surprise?  I was just over at www.coralcastle.com 
and noticed the entire message base was wiped out.  That solves many 
problems.  I dont remember all that I said there in the past.  It was 
interesting tho.

Okay, I will shut up for a while now.  I need something else to think 
about.  I have this Rubics cube I play with...  And a formula I'm 
working on for prime numbers, etc.


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