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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?

You could have covered the entire front windshield and never covered the
stickers.  They were inside the car and considerably more obscure than the

I did read your posts on Gary's site before he removed them.  In fact, I
mentioned to Gary he may want to leave them up for a bit as an example but
he took them down.  It is his site and he can do what he wants with it.  I
am not a member of either party of this discussion; all I am doing is
stating actual facts as I experienced them.  

No one on that site, or any site for that matter, is forced to be there.  If
people don't like it they are free to leave.  I am not being biased at all
and if I disagreed with Gary on something, and felt it worthwhile to
mention, I would do so.  I hate games and refuse to play them.

I doubt very seriously anyone makes much money doing this after you consider
how much time they have invested.  Time is not free.  Yes, Scott's car sold
for around $55k but I am willing to bet he LOST money on that deal if you
account for the hours involved.  There is a big difference in doing the
research and trying to find the parts rather than duplicating something
someone else made.  I will look for that post on the DML later.

By the way, I don't want the information for free.  I don't want
step-by-step instruction on how to build it.  If I wanted that I would go
buy a mass-produced kit at a local store.  A large part of the fun and
enjoyment is actually finding the part and figuring out how to build it on
your own.  You also learn more that way.  I have bought some stuff from Gary
and the stuff was perfect.  He even threw in a freebie I wasn't expecting.

"Considering how I felt he is lucky I didn't take a hammer to the damned 
thing."  I think that could be considered a threat, and possibly show who is
more prone to violence.


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From: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf
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Subject: RE: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?

I didn't GLUE anything to his windsheild.
It was a 4x6 post it note.
A light breeze would have blown it off.
All I did was cover the sticker with it.
Considering how I felt he is lucky I didn't take a hammer to the damned 

As far as Gary's site goes, sure he is going to put what he wants, how he 
on his site in his words.
All you see is HIS account of things, and nothing in my own words.

Gary, Scott, Bruce, all of these guys don't like that I am willing to build
a product for less money, and I am willing to share my research with others.
They cover up the model numbers, they horde parts and information.
They do it all for ego's sake.
Gary's site was not meant to help others with the hobby, but more
to gloat and say "look at me!!! Look what I have and you don't!!!"

Gary has now coiped my site to the T now, funny how he eventually does
to me all the things he accuses me of.

I could go through and write a book listing a defense for every little nit 
thing ever mentioned....but who has time?

I will give you one example.... Gary sold me a  part, the photo of the part 
was nice and new,
the part I got looked like total crap, and so I said something to him about 
Instead of taking care of it he banned me from his site so I could not 
mention it
to others because he had several complaints like this.
He tried to make it seem like I fabricated the story.
I have the box he mailed it to me in, the photo of the part he was selling 
and the
photo of what I recieved as proof.
But you know what? Who cares?
I am not going to waste all that effort to break his balls over it.

As far as your statement of: "had dismantled one of his props, and mentioned

so, and he voided your warranty."
I have no idea what you are talking about there.
The only person who I have bought anything from was Scot D.
He has done an aweful lot of business with me so I don't what
he is complaining about.
I have bought two sets of time circuits from him, and countless
other parts. So I guess his opinions of me changes when ever he
needs money.

I want to point out one thing here.
Gary and Scott's complaints of me are that I build props and then sell them
for a profit. They feel like I have somehow used them as tools to do this.
Funny how BOTH of these people have made a substantial amount of money
doing this very thing.
Scott has sold around $15,000 worth of Time Circuits over the years,
( am guessing based on $900 each) not to mention all the other little
parts, and most recently selling his completed car for $55,000 on ebay.
This is not chump change!!!

Gary, has sold his last car for over $30,000 and countless other props for
a profit, he is constantly offering up his props for high dollar amounts.

I am a definate threat to these guys, they stand to loose a lot of PROFITS
by having me in the fold, especially with a website like mine that give away
all of the sources, measurements, instructions and more for FREE.
That's right - FREE.
I will sell you prop for a reasonable price or I will show you how to make 
for FREE.
I will tell you what you need, where to get it and how to do.
Go find that on Gary's web site.

So use your heads.
This is all about MONEY and how Gary feels the pressure - NO MATTER WHAT
Gary's motto is a lot like Ed Bernstien in that if you buy from Videobob 
then he
won't sell to you. Scott and Monte need Gary, so they have thier heads 
firmly up his ass so they can get what they need from him.

It's all about the money.
Always has been.

I have never stolen anything from these guys EVER.
I have not copied anything, or re-casted anything.
I made my own labels myself, I took my own measurements at Universal Studios
myself, I used still photos from the movie to make my props myself.

....I mean, look at Scot's complaint about me, that he sold me some props he
made (unfinished) for a premium I might ad...then I finished them, and put 
for sale. What is wrong with that?
I didn't copy his work, I USED his work.

This whole thing is rediculous anyway, and there is no point in trying to
talk sense to someone who is biased.

- VB

>From: "timnagin" <timnagin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: <DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: RE: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
>Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 20:02:48 -0400
>I read all of the posts on Gary's site about all of this and he is
>absolutely correct.  VB was banned for awhile and Gary later let him return
>only for him to blow up a few weeks or months later.
>In addition, the whois for VB's domain shows it being registered 10/31/04.
>You were also called out by someone from Gary's site, I believe, who also
>posts on the DML.  You had dismantled one of his props, and mentioned doing
>so, and he voided your warranty.
>At this point I think the only people you may have a chance at convincing
>are people who don't know anything about this situation.  Anyone who is or
>has been on Gary's site, and read these posts, knows the truth.
>As far as Monte's stickers are concerned I say he has the right to put
>anything on his car he wants.  You have the right to put anything on your
>car you want to.  No one has the right to put anything on anyone else's car
>without their explicit permission, especially when it's glued to the
>windshield.  You vandalized his car.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf
>Of Gary Weaver II
>Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 5:46 PM
>To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
>No worries, my foot is already well in my mouth :)
>I WAS incorrect in my timeline. I was looking at a cached version of
>my pages and missed the date differences.
>My first administrative action against you was in October (the
>restricted sales access). In November you created your website. You
>were actually still a member. You even went so far to plug the site
>on my board. It didn't bother me one bit, you were still denied
>sales access though. I even sold you a part or two and shared info
>with you (trying to keep the peace and all that). You were only
>banned permanently after you decided to make up some crap and rake
>me over the coals on my board - then admitted it was all a lie.
>THATS why you were banned. I apologize for getting the timeline
>But hey, if you want to to a little GW2 Clearing house on your site -
>  Please do. I've told you to go ahead with it everytime you've
>threatened me you would.
>After two years, I'm still waiting... :)
>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Videobob Moseley" <videobob@...>
> >
> > Before you put your foot in your mouth keep in mind that I have
>saved every
> > email you and I
> > have ever had in a folder, including the one where you explain to
>me that
> > building my website
> > was the "last straw", etc....
> > I am not going to bore all these people with this, but I think
>that when I
> > have time I will
> > post on my website the complete timeline and archive of letters
>for review.
> > I don't think anyone but you and I cares about any of this, and
>these petty
> > arguments are not the point.
> > The point is how things are handled in a public forum, and how
> > was inappropriate.
> > You however were just an a bystander in all this, but you
>obviously condoned
> > it
> > and that is why I am disappointed in you.
> > I thought you had more class than that.
> > When one of my "friends" does something wrong, I won't just take
>his side
> > because we are friends, I will help guide him to do the right
> > - VB

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