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Re: [DMCForum] THE FORUM & IT'S FUTURE (back to or whatever)


Not sure what brought all of this on,  but more
importantly...  You said you had "a point to make",
but what is your point?  You like the "new forum"? you
like the "new DML"?  The purpose of your message is
not clear (to me).  How do you see the "future" of the
forum (the subject of your message)?

And, why did you drag my name in to it?  I don't
recall ever making comments about your schematic.  And
what the heck is my "T"?

I agree with your comments about Video Bob.  I think
his videos offer a good service to the DeLorean
community.  I have found fault with him for a few
specific things, and he knows what they are.  No need
to go in to it again.

Seems like you are trying to "go fishing" for a Marc
Levy..  That is not a big challenge!  :)


--- mike clemens <rmclemns@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Group,
> I did not clear this with the moderators, Your God,
> My
> God, Bush, Clinton, Marc Levy, or anyone else, I
> just
> felt it was time to speak my mind.  If, you don't
> want
> to read anymore personal BS, then now is the time to
> hit your "DELETE" key.  Otherwise, bear with me and
> my
> rantings.
> I became a member of the Forum (at Walt's
> invitation,
> remember him?) about two or three years ago.  At
> that
> time, the DML was receiving about 10 posts a day and
> the Forum was getting about 30 hits.  I thought,
> "this
> is something I can contribute to" so, I joined both.
> For the first year and a half I had a ball, sitting
> back, watching the banter go back and forth, but
> learning a whole lot about my car.  Sure, folks got
> off on a tangent every now and then, but eventually,
> they, kept coming back to purpose of this Forum, to
> discuss the Delorean, it's designer, and how to keep
> their cars running.  You could type, Fuck, Shit,
> Damn,
> Screw You, or anything you wanted, as long as it was
> tasteful, ie: SCREW YOU, JOE SHIT THE RAG MAN, would
> not fly with our group.
> Then came the political/religious phase!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Gee Whiz!!!!  The Bushies, the Clintonites, the
> Kerrites, the Catholics, the Baptists. the Jews, the
> Hairy Kerschners, whatever--------it got totally out
> of hand!!!!!   And guess what happened, the loyal
> following (folks just like you and me) voted......
> My last fifty emails from the DML and the Forum are
> exactly 46-DML, 4-Forum.
> I will be the first to admit that the DML has gotten
> very lax in their moderating since the meltdown of
> the
> Forum, and to be fair, Hell, I'd do just what they
> did!!  They saw a competitor, watched them eat
> themselves, and then just filled they void left. 
> They
> didn't even't have to advertise, !!!!!!!!.
> Okay, you've read this far, WHAT'S MY POINT???????
> THIS is a super place to spout opinions, make
> judgements, and display facts.  BUTTTTTTTTTTT-----
> Let's always remember, we're here because we all own
> Deloreans.  Sure, you might have a Vette, a Porsche,
> a Lambo, or even a '58 VW BETTLE, but you won't get
> the answers to those questions here.  This is a
> DELOREAN site and we need to be proud of fact!!
> New browsers need to be able to log on and say, 
> "DAMN, those folks might have my answer!!"  NOT,
> Jeeez, what a bunch of dorks!!!!!!!
> Had I logged on during the "Video Bob" fiasco, I
> would
> have shunned him forever------Bob, you are my
> Hero-forever!!!  Sure, you're offering several
> products, and you need to make a profit.  Had I just
> read that day's emails, then, you're "dog meat". 
> But
> guess what, I watched, I read, and I listened.  On a
> scale of 1-10, I'd rate you a 9, maybe a 9.5.  You
> don't take no shit and you don't BS!!!!  You offer
> products that nobody  else does, and you charge a
> fair
> price.  NUFF SAID!
> Okay, what have you done, Mike???  (I knew this was
> one of those "questions").  Check the files on the
> Forum or DML about how to get into a locked car or
> how
> to remove the old style locks.  No charge, very
> explicate and if you have any questions here's my
> phone number (870-668-3338).  Okay, and here's a
> very
> shameless plug, I have a Colorized, Laminated Wiring
> Diagram for the Delorean that is 100% correct for
> the
> car that we all own.  I have had no less than 5
> owners
> that told me that they would find and error, but to
> date, (167 sold), guess what, No Errors found!!!!! 
> Shucks, maybe Marc should have bought one for his
> "T".
> (MR. GREG, THANK Y0U!!!)
> Okay, I'm off my horse, you can comment online or to
> me personally.  
> FOLKS, I told ya this would be long, but I don't
> like
> to BS when I got a point to make.  
> Mike
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