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[DMCForum] Re: DeLorean Video Dashboard

Next level of technology? If this was 1998, I could almost buy that.

I took a picture of the prototype I built in late 2002 and put it
in "MCU driven instrumentation" folder in `files'.   It runs off of
3.3volts (12v in regulated down to 3.3volt), draws about 240mA and
has no moving parts.  The instrument panel is all self contained, and
about 1 inch thick.  This is what I consider mid-90's technology, but
I think it illistrates what a engineer would build vs. a hobbyist.  
It uses a USB-enabled ASIC to receive firmware and gauge definitions
(reads USB drives).  It contains two accelerometers (for dead
reckoning) and a serial GPS interface), an ISO OBDII interface
circuit, 56MB of electrically erasable permanent read only memory,
and a 2-wire touch screen overlay for each gauge module and a analog
to digital video encoder (for rear view/front bumper cam).  The grand
total was about $125 worth of hardware (minus cams).  My point, it
shouldn't be all that expensive to make a 'dynamic' 'video-based'
instrumentation implementation.

<constructive criticism>
It's incredibly wasteful to build a instrumentation system that is
driven by a 32bit PC, a TFT LCD, huge amount of unnecessary
operational circuitry, 3 levels of data storage, and lots of support
circuitry.. All for functionality that could be driven from a DSP or
16-bit processor with very minimal circuitry.

No one is going to wait for their dash to boot, and if you're going
to use a PC in the first place your probably going to use a PC
operating system too... just for a couple measly GUI API's and a
simple programming platform?  I see a lot of scope creep already.

By using a PC architecture, your accepting unjustifiably high start-
up latency, queue based timing, demanding power requirements, What
happens when your LCD is used in near freezing temperatures?? Will it
crack, will the dramatically increased refresh latency be dangerous,
can you see it in the bright of day? What if the underlying OS is
loaded with malicious code, or is by design incorrectly displaying
data? Liability? If the thing is kept in suspend mode, battery
drain?  Is the bus/processor going to be cooled properly?

If you're using a PC a 4-wire resistive touch screen overlay (~$20)
is nothing in terms of cost...unless you are unable to write code to
drive it, in which case a developer's kit is still only $150.

If information is to be relied upon in real-time, use a real-time
system - something not found in your PC..totally different design

Equally important for something like this is that it must provide 'on
demand' (as IBM likes to say) information flow, meaning there should
be no booting.  All the operating data should be contained within non-
volatile memory (EEPROM,ROM,EPROM,etc), diffidently not magnetic

</criticism>,  take it for what its worth to you. I think that if
your going to spend time working on something and going to get the
Delorean community excited, it should at least have a hope of
succeeding first.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Jim" <starbuck@xxxx> wrote:
> What would be cool is when you put the car in reverse a rear view
> image would show up on the dash.
> Jim
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> The idea behind doing this was to bring dashboards to the next
level of
> technology.
> For older cars, you can go to LED gauges-e.g.  Dakota Digital. 
> However, video display screen are in almost all electronic devices
> today.
> This is the next level in electronics.
> Consequently, we went to the next level.
> We are looking for any and all ideas for the graphic displays for
> DeLorean dashboard.
> e.g A BTTF theme?  All linear gauges?  The D currently has analog
> gauges.
> How about gauges modeled after airplane displays?  Got any good
> Sound outputs-"you are going too fast"  "go buy some gas dummy!"
> Bob
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