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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Sirius radio..

I agree with you on the DJ's.
I especially hate that raspy voiced C on the 80's channel.
You can almost smell her cigarette breath blowing into the car as she talks.
The whole purpose of DJ's was to tell you the name of the artists, the song,
the time, the channel etc... all of that is displayed on the screen so who
DJ's? They aren't even needed for the technical aspects since the music
play on a playlist all by itself.
SUPER SHUFFLE is pretty cool.
However dispite your complaining about "quality", consider the fact that
you get to hear music un-censored, and music that would never get played on
the radio in the first place.
If you listen to top-40 and classic rock and the regular junk then I guess
you could stick with regular radio however you have to sit through 20
of commercials during drive time.
(There is no coincidence that all the stations take a break at almost the
time, they are all owned by the same two companies)
I like the alternative channels (ALT NATION, OCTANE, FACTION) and sometimes
HARD ATTACK and stuff like that.
You don't hear that stuff on the radio, much less Howard Stern or Raw-Dog.
Like Howard says, it's .43 cents a day.....what are ya bitching about?
Compared to all the crap I spend money $13 a month for all the entertainment
is a no biggie.
Besides that, the technology itself is cool.
You Marc, have the cheapie radio with no features.
But if you have a REPLAY or an S50 you can pause for up to 44 minutes,
replay songs or with the S50 you can save and record the songs and stuff.
It also alerts you of your favorite songs or sports events and what not.

The technology itself will grow and get better and better with time.
Just like cell phones, camcorders and every other new technology.
I predict in 10 years FM radio will be what AM is today...nothing but
spanish and religious stations.
Everyone will be listening to space radio.

I currently have an S50 on my desk, a Sportster Replay in my Magnum,
and Orbiters in my Delorean, Harley and wifes cars.

- VB

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>Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:59:09 -0800 (PST)
>I am disappointed in sound quality.  You can hear the
>compression, and the noise level changes with silence
>(more noticeable on the talk stations, like Howard
>The sound cuts out all the time.  If I go under some
>trees, or an over pass.  Very annoying.
>The quality of the editing is also awful.  Again, more
>obvious on talk like Howard 100.  The news segments,
>you can hear clicks and pops and they edit in and out
>in the middle of words.  You should never hear audio
>edits.  It is even worse than the audio edits on The
>Apprentice TV show!
>TOO MUCH TALK on the music station.  I don't want to
>hear the DJ's, I want to hear the music.
>Commercials are a real thorn in my side..  I am PAYING
>for this, AND I have to listen to commercials?  What
>is worse is the commercials FOR Sirius!  On regular
>radio, they are required to do "station ID's", but why
>do they have to do it all the time on Sirius??  "Your
>listening to Haward 100 on Sirius radio"..  Yea, I
>know, I get the bill every month!
>The biggest pain in the ass is that Stern is not on
>the Internet.  I signed up because I saw Sirius had a
>way to listen on the net, so I could listen @ work.
>My commute to work is short (20 min), and typically I
>get in the car as they are going to commercial break
>(happened yesterday!) so don't hear much of the show
>at all.  Good thing the pirates on NNTP are posting
>the shows every day, I download them and listen to
>them the following day.  Right now, I am listening to
>yesterdays show.  No, I am not "stealing" because I
>paid for the content in my Sirius subscription!
>Stern however, is better than ever.  Even if I have to
>listen to him a day late on my computer.
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