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RE: [DMCForum] OT concept cars...

The concept drawings of the Camaro are far better than the actual thing, but
I do agree with the details you mentioned.

I saw the 2007 Tahoe this past weekend at a car show and it looked pretty
good.  The dash looked like it was out of a Maxima and the front fenders
looked like they were from Ford, but other than that it was a significant

I was always a GM guy but not so much anymore.  Ford nailed it with new
Mustang and, again, Chrysler nailed it with the Challenger.  What the hell
is GM thinking and how can they miss the mark so bad?  Chrysler missed it on
the Charger, though.

The new Challenger in Sub Lime would be awesome.


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In September of 2004 (only about a year after they axed the F-bodies),
Chevy released some mockup photos and a drawing of what they were then
considering as a 2007 or 2008 Camaro concept:

It's interesting to compare the newly unveiled concept with that
"original" design:

IMHO, they cut out some of the better features from the 2004 design
(front grille, headlights, hood scoop) in the new concept.  At the same
time, they fixed some of the things that bothered me in the older
concept, like the doofy high curving roof and rear fender lines, the
dorky-looking windshield, and the funky mirror fairings.

It seems like they really "Charger'd" the new design up quite a bit, and
I think they need some more tinkering before it will play anywhere near
as well as the Charger, Mustang, et al. have.  GM's definitely behind
the ball on this one.

Jon Heese

timnagin wrote:
> Anyone see the concept cars recently displayed?  I had been looking
> to what the retro Camaro would look like with a 1969 flavor and was very
> disappointed.  That thing looked horrible.  On the other hand, I am not a
> fan of Chrysler but that Hemi Challenger looked awesome!  I would buy that
> thing right now if it were on the market.

> Greg


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