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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Merry Christmas

--- Dick Ryan <deloreanbiker@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Marc
> Like Dave, I'm going to stray from my normal "don't
> get involved in
> one of Marc's rants".

Why avoid it?  It can be entertaining..  Even
educational (for both of us).

> Is there an "assumption that everyone celebrates
> Christmas"?  More and
> more in this country there are attempts (some
> successful and some not)
> to be sure that there is recognition of other
> "celebrations",
> religious or otherwise.  I applaud that.  Now, I
> celebrate Christmas.
>  I have many friends who do not.  I am aware that
> Muslims, people of
> the Jewish faith, Aetheists, Taoists, and many
> others do not
> "celebrate" Christmas. 

Being aware of what people you know celebrate is a
fine thing.  However, the topic was how some people
assume that everyone celebrate Christmas.  Clearly,
you are not one of those people.

> As a general greeting during this season, I wish
> people a Merry
> Christmas, especially if that is how I was greeted.

If that is how you are greeted, then no problem.  But
if someone says "good morning Dick, Happy holidays",
how do you respond?  Assuming you have no idea what
they celebrate (if anything at all).

> To my Jewish
> frinds and customers, I wish a Happy Chanakuh.  And
> in many cases, it
> is simply Happy Holidays.  Yes, I play Christmas
> music in my store

This so called music, does it include Silent night?
Little drummer boy?  Those songs are not singing about
the "non-religious Christmas" that others on this list
are talking about...  Yet, I hear those (and other
hymns) in public places on a daily bases during the
holiday season.

> during this season because I sell that music.  I
> also sell Chanakuh
> cards and Buddhist literature.  I don't make the
> assumption you stated.

I did not say "Dick Ryan assumes <blah blah blah>".
Did I some how include you in my generalization about
people who think everyone celebrates Christams?

> I contend that if there is an naive and
> inconsiderate assumption, it
> is the one you just proclaimed as fact!!  But then,

Which one?  I have said so much!  :)

> Marc, we all know
> that you were just trying to stir the pot, right?

If it makes you feel better to think that is my
motivation, so be it.

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