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Northstar Swap.....

You also forgot to add you will also need a spare $20,000 to $30,000
along with incredible fabrication skills to maintain it as well.

Still sound cheaper than some engine work?

I'd just fix what you have, it seems overwhelming when things start
breaking, and more so if several things happen, but fix them one at a
time, and it will be much easier, AND cheaper.

Once you have it back together working, you'll be glad you didn't hack
the car up, which with most engine conversions, you do.

If you don't feel 100% comfortable, then just pay someone to fix it
right, and be done with it. Then hopefully you'll be good for a long

DMCH is the closest to you right? Just ship it to them. Not sure you
need to go the route of the Stage 2 engine, just some repairs is all
you need, but if you do, I'll buy your old engine :-)


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxx> wrote:
> Anyone have details on a Northstar swap?
> I've been contemplating something radical for awhile now. I've got
> some engine & transmission issues. Tranny probably just needs a new
> 2nd gear roll pin, engine probably just needs a few hundred bucks
> worth of work by someone who knows something about it, but then we
> have the butchered exhaust, etc. I'm also afraid there will be more
> parts & labor involved than I want to spend on this drivetrain due to
> half-assed repairs by the previous owner's mechanic.
> I don't like doing anything half-assed and so, instead of patching
> things up, I'd like to completely replace it all. I'm considering just
> handing the thing to DMCH for a Stage 2 engine & complete repairs, but
> for that kind of money I can't help but wonder what I could do on my
> own.
> So what's involved with a Northstar swap? I've got many questions.
> 1. Does the engine fit without hacking the car up?
> 2. What's the preferred transmission to handle this power, and does it
> fit without hacking the car up?
> 3. Any weight issues?
> 4. I see major expenses as: Engine & all accessories, transmission,
> custom bellhousing, custom exhaust. Maybe a custom computer. Am I
> missing anything?
> 5. Assuming it all physically fits, I'm guessing I'll need custom
> mounts as well. Therein lies the part I don't understand: How do I
> physically bolt it into the car?
> Putting the engine & tranny together, electrical work, computer work,
> hoses, cooling, exhaust, etc, I can figure out. What I need advice
> with is:
> 1. The physical mounting and fit;
> 2. Weight issues;
> 3. Clutch & shifting linkage issues (what sort of clutch disc, etc,
do I need?),
> 4. Other things I may have overlooked (suspension? axles?)
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> - Ryan
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