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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Motivations Ending?

New topic?  We can keep this one going for a bit
longer, no?

Food fight?  That food was too good to throw.

Back to the point..

While I agree that it is somewhat improper for me to
use terms like "they", and paint a picture of a
general group of people (Like cops, for this
discussion), I welcome and encourage you and others to
discuss those topics.  We have done that on this
mailing list for a while now with a great amount of
respect and care for each other.  Your welcome to
point out my misuse of terms like "them", or "they".

What I do find a problem with is when someone
(paraphrased here) says "Your just being a
troublemaker", or "Your just looking to stir the pot"
as if any opinions I have are now invalid because a
participant in the discussion has passed judgment and
labeled me a troublemaker.

Once again, I am not a big fan of Ad hominem debate.

Want a new topic?  How about another reason to dislike
George Bush?  He caused the Replay TV to not tape
Family Guy last night!!!  (And you thought it was
going to get political?!  LOL)

--- dmcgman <DmcGman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Do you remember saying that Marc?  I think you have
> stated my
> feelings there better than maybe I can.  If the
> discussion gets a
> little more heated, that does not cause it to be
> malicious.  I think
> you get into controversial (or maybe a better word
> is heated)
> discussions often.  Does that make them malicious?
> If they are
> responded to with the same level of enthusiasm you
> often show, that
> might cause heated debate, I would hope that they
> would remain
> objective and pertain to the subject being mentioned
> and not
> gemeralize any group of people, whether it be by
> profession, or
> whatever.  Again I agree with your statement above.
> I would hope
> you do as well.  If the last few posts strayed from
> that and casue
> you to question me than I would again direct you to
> your statemnt
> above and say its again best states my feelings.  If
> I wanted to
> argue with you, we are at anough events throughout
> the year and I
> could have done it at the dinner last time month, or
> maybe started a
> food fight? :-)
> Ok new topic?  I am tired lol

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