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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Cop stories

Oh yes, and there've been some funny stories about that. Recently the
minister for transport was on Top Gear and admitted to having 9 points
on his licence from speeding (and yet he okay's the use of speed
cameras!). 12 points and you lose your licence for a year. Every year
you get 1 point deducted.

They're being a bit more careful about actually putting cameras where
there's a genuine risk to pedestrians or it's a road with a record of
accidents causing fatalities now. The main issue people have is that
speeding is actually rarely a direct cause of accidents, or that
"speeding" is not necessarily defined as "exceeding the speed limit" but
driving in excess of the driver's capabilities due to to condition of
the vehicle, road conditions, etc

A friend-who-shall-remain-nameless got pulled at 105 in his DeLorean and
let off with a warning. "The speedo only goes up to 85, constable". In
his case, 3500rpm in 5th is definitely -not- 90 as it is on my car! I
have a 170 speedo in my car and it's pretty accurate according to the GPS.

On a recent trip up to Donington for the Renault Sport show, there were
5 of is in convoy and the GPS recorded a top speed of 122mph. What the
other drivers on the road thought as we whumped past, I'd love to know
:-) And for the record, one of those cars was running a stock engine
with stock exhaust & cat AND stock front springs. Nutter :-)


Marc Levy wrote:

>We don't have those cameras because the politicians
>and cops could not think of a way to avoid those
>tickets themselves.
>The cameras take away the ability to use "get out of
>jail free" cards, or "I am on the Job" considerations.



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