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[DMCForum] Re: Cop stories

No kidding, I was on my way to Atlanta earlier this year in March and
got nailed for my $155 ticket on 75 South.

I would have fought it since I was the only Ohio plate on the road,
and I swore he was just abusing me, But to fight a ticket 400+ miles
away would have cost me 10x the ticket. I just swallowed my pride and
mailed the damn thing in. And my radar detector never even went off
to make matters worse.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Martin Gutkowski <martin@xxxx> wrote:
> Over 150,000 miles on British and European roads since I passed my
> in 1996. I'd never been pulled over, till I got to Atlanta on the
way to
> the Memphis show, half an hour after landing, got pulled for 83 in
a 70
> (or something, I forget). I explained to the officer that a) I'm
> Eingerlish, doncherknow and b) I'm used to driving a *little*
faster. He
> asked how much faster. I said (and it's true) that on a quiet
> you won't get stopped until you're tickling 100. He looked at me
> seriously and said "this highway gets twice as busy as this!" (I
> see for about 1/4 of a mile and could see 3 cars). I suggested that
> be very surprised if he ever drove around London!
> I handed over my tatty original falling-to-pieces British driving
> licence (they've brought out card ones now but they're not
> yet!) and he looked at it blankly, obviously wondering what to do
> me. I got let off :-)
> Just want to have a quick moan too - what got me more annoyed about
> highways than anything were the apparent random speed limits. You'd
> chipping along at 75 and suddenly for no discernable reason, its
> Then 65. Then 75. And if you miss the sign, you're screwed! Over
> if it's a motorway, it's a national limit. Officially 70mph but you
> rarely get someone in the outside lane doing 70! The only
> would be roadworks, fog, danger ahead etc.
> Martin
> Joe OBrien wrote:
> >I got nailed doing 67 in a 55 in Kentucky earlier this year.
Rednec k
> >cops start the tickets out at $155 for 5mph over and go up from
> >
> >He made me feel good by saying he was only going to put me down for
> >only 5mph over.
> >
> >Gee, what a bargain.
> >
> >
> >-Joe
> >
> > 
> >


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