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Re: [DMCForum] Mistletoe belt buckles, naked chicks and hummers...

I'm not responding to half of the messages being posted here, and
quite frankly I'd prefer if this discussion died, but:

On 12/5/05, Jon Heese <dmcforum@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Claiming that Christmas is a
> national holiday, and therefore universal to Americans is demonstrably
> and woefully wrong.

The hell it's wrong. Christmas is a national holiday in the United States.

"national holiday - authorized by law and limiting work or official business"

I didn't say Christmas was universal to Americans. I said it was a
national holiday. You, and several others, have made the leap that
"national holiday" = "everyone celebrates it". I never said that.
Plenty of people don't celebrate Thanksgiving but that doesn't make it
any less than a national holiday.

Our government recognizes Christmas Day as a national holiday,
universally and legally accepted as a holiday. Whether you choose to
celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas day doesn't matter. That is
a completely personal preference and has nothing to do with it's
status as a holiday.

As for "Merry Christmas" being exclusive and off-putting, I think
people should get a grip. It's like arguing over "he/she". Proper
English when referring to a person of unknown gender dictates the use
of the masculine pronoun, yet people get upset because "you're
excluding women!" Wishing somebody a Merry Christmas is not excluding
anybody. The fact that I fail to mention every specific holiday
doesn't mean I'm excluding those groups, it just means I didn't
mention them. And you can have a Merry Christmas without celebrating
the birth of Christ. Just enjoy your day off work December 25th and
have some good times. I don't care whether you worship or not, I'm
just saying, "Enjoy your holiday! Eat, drink and be merry!" I don't
see how anybody could have a problem with that, unless they have a
problem with being merry (happy).

If you feel the need to be all inclusive and recognize every holiday
with "Happy Holidays", more power to you. I choose not to, and if
someone is offended because of that, then that's a problem they need
to deal with.

- Ryan - Store your bookmarks. On every computer.


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