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What does MLISAAW mean?


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, mike clemens <rmclemns@xxxx> wrote:
> Group,
> Okay, now it's time to offend a lot of people,
> BUT------this is the "DMC" forum, not the "I can piss
> off a few certain folks by bringing up this topic"
> FORUM.  Why is it that someone can make a totally
> innocent statement and then three or four folks can
> jump on one innocuous part of the statement and
> complete  bedlam ensues??
> Since the recent Forum blowup and resulting nuclear
> fallout, certain members were doing a really good job
> of staying on the topics that are important to most of
> the members.  Many members, may, or 'may not' post and
> make their thoughts known, but, we (and yes, I am a
> member) are heading down another one of those roads
> that caused many ex-folks to depart our pattern,
> (airplane talk) and go over to-----wherever!!
> I am not a moderator, I am not any kind of expert on
> the Delorean:  I'm just a fellow member who
> appreciates the help they can get from a close knit
> community that has less than 10,000 members in the
> WHOLE world!!!  Why is it that there are a certain few
> that want to piss off (sorry) the whole world, and
> yes, it is the "Whole" world that knows when you punch
> any reply with your "SEND" button.
> The DMCFORUM is not a chat room, as per se, but
> several members are bent on using it that way.  If you
> want to chat, then maybe you should check out Jack's
> Florida site (see there Jack, I to can give you a
> plug) and take your discussion to that arena.
> If you have read this far, then I hope that I have got
> your attention, and if you are one of the "Silent
> Majority", then please, let your thoughts be known.
> If you don't then, that is fine also, because I know
> you will let me know 'off forum', as you have done in
> the past.
> Just so I can finish this on a positive note, has
> anyone noticed the difference in the postings of the
> DML since our blowup.  I can honestly say, they have
> gotten very liberal with their "qualifications" for a
> post.
> Mike
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