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[DMCForum] Re: Hummer paper

I agree with Greg too.

If you have some sort aversion to your job duties, or entire field of
employment, then clearly you are in the wrong career. No matter what
the field. If you don't like to clean toilets, then don't be a
janitor. If you don't like to deal with crabby/ignorant people, then
the Customer Service field is not for you. These are the kinds of
decisions that one should be coached on how to make for themselves.

What Josh has encounted here is unfortunely very common in our higher
education system today. Educators with fanatical beliefs who are
exploiting their students, as a tool for pushing their own personal
agendas. This isn't a marketing class, this is a teacher who instead
of encouraging individual, and independant thought, is simply trying
to pervert their students' minds by planting the seeds of their own
corrupt ideals instead. Be it "NeoCon", or "Libitard", it happens
across all lines, and far too often.

If it were myself, I'd too would certainly take this up with the
dean. But not before I goaded her into a fight we me by submitting
that report. I'd write something like:  "The best reason NOT to buy
an H2 is to avoid the social stigma associated of being a free-
thinking individual, so you can blend in better with you misguided,
uninformed social groups." Get her angry first. It's easier to win a
fight with someone who's POV is fueled by their anger, rather than
their wits.

Remember, Josh: Not everyone who rebels and protests in college is a
hippy. And the systems we fight are not always ultra conservative.
But they do remain quite narrow-minded...


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "timnagin" <timnagin@xxxx> wrote:
> I agree in part, but the teacher is not his boss.  He is actually
> her.  The job of a teacher is to teach the student how to think and
> decisions, not tell the student what they should think.
> If I were younger and encountered this I would probably just follow
> and get the grade.  Now, hell no.  I would cause a huge stink and
bring this
> up with the college.
> In the end Josh has to decide on his own.  Just a suggestion, Josh,
when you
> turn in your paper wear a t-shirt with a monster H2 on it in silent
> :)
> Greg
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> I disagree..
> Many times in "real life" a boss can ask you to do a
> report on something with specific guidelines.  Your
> job is to do what is asked of you.
> Good for his teacher, to prepare him for the real
> world.
> --- Joe OBrien <joeyoseppijoe@xxxx> wrote:
> > That is an awfully closed minded assignment for a
> > college paper.
> > Seriously they want you to give reasons for them to
> > never be sold?

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