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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Fuel Prices.

>I agree on the hybrids. They're too costly to manufacture, and are not
>really holding their resale value from what I've seen in the local
>market here. They do better in the city on emissions, because they
>stop consuming fuel. But even so, diesel technology is catching up so
>rapidly, that they'll surpass hybrids in no time at all.
No, you miss my point. Diesels are already way ahead of hybrids. I seem
to remember the prius does about 43 to the gallon. my old BX which was
more powerful could do over 60mpg on a long run, and that engine was
designed in the early 80's! (XUD Peugeot/Citroen 1.7 turbo D engine).
It's simple physics of "conservation of energy" - no energy transfer is
100% efficient. You're burning fuel (potential chemical energy) to
create kinetic energy (drives the wheels and alternator) the alt then
generates electrical energy which charges the batteries, taking it back
to potential chemical energy. By the time your electric motor is
actually driving the wheels, the energy from the petrol has already
changed state five times!!! Just drive the damn wheels, get rid of the
weight of all those batteries and motor and the prius would probably
become a genuinely economical car!

Now that's a test I'd like to see..... mpg figures on a prius with all
the bollocks removed...

>World reliance upon petroleum is getting to a point where it's less
>and less, because of the opprotunities that are available for
>alternative sources. We can make plastics out of Soy Beans, and
>they're then biodegradable. We have LOTS of alternatives for heating
>and motor fuels from sugar cane derrived Ehtyl alcohol, to vegetable &
>fat-based oils.
Funnily enough, you have hit something important there. Bio-diesel in
its current form still relies on petrochemicals in that methanol (methyl
alcohol) is used together with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda / Lye) to
make Bio from veg oil. Actually that really is about it apart from a
simple weak acid to control pH. Methyl alcohol can be made from plants
in the same way, it's just...

...more expensive...

>If you want the more biodiesels, don't talk to the government. You've
>got to convince big business to convert their investments over from
>petroleum, to agricultural.
Currently a large proportion of the UK's harvest of oilseed rape is
exported to France so they can make biodesel with it. Infuriating.



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