[DMCForum] Fuel Prices.
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[DMCForum] Fuel Prices.

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> I think you answered your own question.
> Imagine the economic impact if even 2% of the cars on
> the road got over 50MPG.  That may cost Big Oil a few
> million in profits.  We can't let that happen!
> --- Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxx> wrote:
> > I also don't understand why the two seater Honda
> > Insight hybrid was
> > canceled. Owners reported regular gas mileage in
> > excess of 70mpg. Some
> > were even claiming 90mpg on certain routes.
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The Honda Insight was just not as practical a car, as the Toyota
Prirus is. It got better worse economy, and couldn't haul as much. But
Insights are still pretty cheap as used cars, since they just can't
hold their value.

I don't know that the oil industry is really able to put that much
pressure on a car manufacturer. Especailly one such as Honda, who have
such a diverse manufacturing portfolio. It would be quite the
opposite, where the Manufacturer would be the one dictating to the oil
industry. Such as in the past, with unleaded fuels.

HOWEVER, the oil industry is certainly doing what it can to crush
alternative fuel sources. Biodiesel, and straight grease have been
gaining ALLOT of popularity. And as a result, diesel vehicles are
becoming more and more in demand. However, the oil industry has
countered by raising Diesel prices. This strikes fear into people who
are considering buying diesel, but are then intimidated by the higher
cost of fuel. Here in Vegas, I've seen Diesel #2 about 60¢ a gallon
HIGER than gasoline! It frightens allot of potential buyers off,
because they're then buying a car with higher fuel costs at the pump.
I've seen this happen with a couple of people, including myself.

I don't know if "Peak Oil" is real or not. I've heard lots of
arguments both backing it up, and discrediting it. But I do know one
thing that's for certain. There are ALLOT of alternative fuel sources
out there that people are wanting to switch over to, regardless. And
no matter if the demand for petroleum drops, or if the supply is
exhausted, the result is the same: If you can't sell it, you can't
profit. No matter if it's because you don't have it, or it's not
wanted. So why not crush the competition anyways?



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