Re: [DMCForum] Too much Hummer bashing?
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Re: [DMCForum] Too much Hummer bashing?

Hi Ryan,
  First I want to say that i'm participating in this argument in good  fun.  I don't have anything against Jake (except the hummer thing  ;) ).  I've met Jack before (you probably don't remember Jack, but  we met in Cleveland and again in Memphis). 
  No, i'm not anti-suv.  My parents on a Jeep Cherokee.  Great  ride!  Am I anti Hummer?  I don't like them personally, and I  do believe they are a waste of money and only purchased for  status.  I'm more "anti- buying things that endanger others and  don't give a shit about the environment just for status"
  The Delorean may be a status symble to some, but it isn't for me.   I didn't buy it for status.  Some people buy honda's for  status.  Is a honda a status symble?  depends on who's  asking.  I know the delorean is exotic (maybe), and is rare.   And yes, its mroe than likely a status symble to most.  But I  didn't buy it for that so it isn't to me.  When I drive the  Delorean around I really am not concerned about what others are  thinking.  I'm just having a great time in my car.
  No hard feelings Jack.

Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:          On 12/1/05, Erik Geerdink <dmcerik@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  >   My delorean doesn't polute the atmospher and guzzle as much gas as
  > your  Hummer.
  Actually, if you compared emissions, I bet his Hummer puts out less
  toxic crap into the atmosphere than your DeLorean. Emissions control
  equipment has advanced considerably since 1981.
  Erik, are you anti-SUV, or just anti-Hummer? I ask because I hear the
  "gas guzzler" argument a lot, and I find it hilarious because my SUV
  gets the same gas mileage as my DeLorean. ~18-20mpg.
  Most pickups on the road get the same gas mileage as a Hummer. Are you
  > I really hope you aren't one of the many people out there  who complains
  > about gas prices...yet won't give up your status symbles.
  You may have missed the "status symbol" point. Your DeLorean is a
  status symbol. To argue otherwise is delusional. If you wanted a small
  two seat used sports car there are dozens of models to choose from for
  as little as a few hundred dollars. You could be driving a $2,000
  Fiero instead.
  I just find it silly that someone can criticize an H2 owner for
  driving a "status symbol" while cruising around in a relatively rare,
  exotic car that attracts attention wherever it goes. You've got a
  status symbol too. :)
  - Ryan - Store your bookmarks. On every computer.

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